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Identify the Right Suppliers & Buyers – Organize Hundreds of Meetings – Close Deals – all through one platform.


    FROM REAL projects

    Why customers love Aladdin?

    Our technology has been developed specifically for the Trade Show organizers and participants in Middle East and North Africa region for over a decade. We have gathered an unrivalled quantity of superior-quality business intelligence and married it with automated processes designed by some of the region’s top marketing and IT professionals.

    EVENT ORGANIZERS – Enjoy the complete white label solution. With Aladdin, they can offer best-of-breed delegate matching and meeting solutions, increase client satisfaction and positively impacting re-booking and attendance rates.

    AMBITIOUS COMPANIES – love us because they now have a simple way to gain direct access to the right decision makers across the MEA market. The whole sales cycle, from pre-qualification and initial approach, through to arranging meetings and even closing deals, can be performed within a single platform. This gives your sales teams more time to sell, and less time spent researching and prospecting unfamiliar overseas markets.



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    Exhibition organizers can license a white label version of the AladdinB2B platform branded for their expo. This provides exhibitors, delegates and visitors with added value, and increases the likelihood of hitting targets.


    This in turn improves exhibitor re-booking rates and visitor numbers, helping to accelerate expo growth year on year. A white label solution allows you to increase your expo brand value, offering a powerful solution that rival exhibitions do not.


    With AladdinB2B your Exhibitors & Visitors can now:
    Automatically match with buyers or sellers that are going to attend prior to the exhibition opening date.
    Request meetings and accept invitations from within the matched list.
    Use Aladdin follow up tools to answer post-expo questions and close deals.


    Get a demo now for more details on a white label solution for your exhibition, and how we can help you to hit your growth targets.

    Exhibition organizers can license AladdinB2B platform for their exhibitions, and add an amazing value to their exhibitors and visitors to meet their targets.

    Exhibitors & Visitors can:

    • Login and match with buyers or sellers that are going to visit the exhibition few weeks before.
    • Request and accept meetings from the match list.
    • Use the follow up tools to close deals.

    Exhibitors organiozers increase ROI for their exhibitors and retain them for future exhibitions by white labling AladdinB2B platform.

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    B2B conference and networking event organizers can license the AladdinB2B platform, adding significant value for delegates and increasing attendance and re-bookings.


    With AladdinB2B your Attendees can now:
    Automatically match with key contacts they wish to meet during the event, prior to the opening.
    Request meetings and accept invitations from within the matched list.
    Use the Aladdin follow up tools to answer post-event questions and close partnerships and deals.
    Evaluate & compare potential partners and suppliers.


    Get a demo now for more details on using AladdinB2B for your event, and how we can help you increase delegate satisfaction and attendance, and hit your growth targets.

    Event organizers can license AladdinB2B platform for their attendees, and add an amazing value.

    Attendees can:

    • Login and match with who they want to meet during the event, they can do that few days before the event.
    • Request and accept meetings from the match list.
    • Use the follow up tools to close partnerships and deals.
    • Evaluate & compare suppliers.

    Event organizers will increase ROI for their events and retain their attendees every year by offering access to our matching and meetings platform.

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    3- ECONOMIC, EXPORT, Trade DEPARTMENTS & Chamber of commerces

    Central and Local Government Economic, Export and Trade departments can play a key role in assisting their home-grown manufacturing and supply companies to export overseas.


    They can facilitate business growth by organizing trade missions, or by hosting and attending trade and commerce events and exhibitions.


    AladdinB2B improves your return on investment by ensuring:
    Companies you are supporting are able to arrange high-level meetings with the most appropriate decision makers in the targeted industries.
    Your companies can use powerful follow up tools to close partnership agreements and export deals.
    You have access to detailed reports on meetings being held and the outcomes, allowing you to target your support more effectively.


    Get a demo now for more information about how AladdinB2B can help to track and improve the outcomes of your initiatives to support exports and international trade.

    Economic, Export and Trade department help their local manufacturing companies to export to other countries, by organizing trade missions and participating in exhibitions and events.

    By using Aladdin B2B platform they can make sure that:

    • Their companies have high-level meetings with decision makers in the targeted industry.
    • They can use the follow up tools to close partnership and deals.
    • Access to the follow up tools and future RFQs.
    • Also economic & export department can get detailed reports on number of meetings and results achieved from these trips.
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    A government or trade association pavilion is an important way to showcase the best that a country or an industry has to offer. Running a pavilion is an expensive and time-consuming operation, and it’s vital that you are able to demonstrate good value through positive outcomes.


    AladdinB2B will improve ROI on your pavilion investment by:
    Giving every pavilion exhibitor access to the platform to ensure they can match with key prospects before the event.
    Ensuring each pavilion exhibitor can attend a minimum number of high level meetings with appropriate decision makers during the event.
    Giving all pavilion exhibitors access to a suite of follow up tools to answer questions and close deals post-event.
    Providing pavilion organizers with tailored reports that show the number of meetings held, outcomes, and what opportunities were secured.


    Get a demo now to find out how using AladdinB2B for your exhibition pavilion can increase the success of your investment and enhance the ROI for your participation.

    Pavillions are usually take places in the heart of the exhibitions, and either organized by government trade departments or private Associations.

    AladdinB2B platform can guarantee the following for Pavilion organizers:

    • Each participant in the pavillion will have access to the platform to match with potential buyers.
    • Each particepant will guarantee minimum number of high level meetings during the event.
    • Access to the follow up tools and future RFQs.
    • Pavilion organizers will get tailored reports about the number of meetings and opportunities secured. These reports are excellent for higher management, to show the ROI on these trips.
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    Larger commercial organisations hold hundreds or even thousands of meetings every year to win, maintain, and develop business. A significant amount of sales and sales management time is taken up with non-closing activity, such as research and prospecting, diary management, and sales reporting.


    AladdinB2B improves the efficiency of your sales teams by:
    Providing one centralised platform to organize all sales and account management meetings.
    Giving management access to real-time reporting on sales meetings outcomes.
    Making it easy to calculate return on investment of meetings, events, and sales staff.
    Enabling full control over enterprise meetings.
    Monitoring and reducing booking costs and showing where man-hours can be saved.


    Get a demo now for more information about how AladdinB2B can increase the ROI of your sales operation and help you to hit your sales targets and expansion goals.

    Large comapnies conduct 1000s of meetings per year, our platform can provide the following:

    • One platform to organize all companies meetings and retrieve real-time reports of meetings spent.
    • Calculate savings and return on investment of your meetings.
    • Have full Control of your enterprise meetings.
    • Comprehensive solution that helps drive your company’s meetings and acheive your goals.
    • Save and reduce booking cost, and save 10,000s of hours annually.
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    Our Clients

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    Aladdin B2B Cerificate

    AladdinB2B Facts


    Access to a powerful business network with cutting edge features that drives success

    We have created a “smart” business network, blending advanced technology with human intelligence. It automatically matches suppliers and buyers, giving both the tools they need to come together and close mutually beneficial deals.

    Brand your user experience

    As a client, you license our platform on a white label basis. Add your own corporate logos, URLs, and colours in just a few clicks. Run a standalone AladdinB2B system branded as “your” solution without any complex IT integrations.

    Instant reach to any key decision-maker across the network and request a meeting with your matches

    Request meetings with any participants quickly and easily. Organize agendas and goals automatically in advance. View all the participant’s contacts to expand your prospecting and gain referrals.


    Request and send Quotation 

    Full API integrations

    For advanced applications, you can licence our online solution and integrate it directly into your existing applications via API calls, enabling the design of a completely bespoke package.

    Simple sign up. Create your platform in a few easy steps

    Our “Plug and Play” approach helps you to follow a simple process to set up your white label platform, ready for personalisation.

    Professional support

    You will have access to a dedicated IT team for support and platform maintenance. For event organizers and managers, customer support is available before, during and after your events to ensure your attendees and exhibitors receive the best experience.

    Indoor maps (including offline)

    We know that physically finding your agreed meeting point in large expo venues or conference centres can be a challenge. AladdinB2B leverages the latest technology to guide you to your meeting place, even with the non-existent or slow wifi and mobile data connections common in large events.

    Our indoor maps solution works on or offline, making sure you or your delegates arrive at the right place at the right time, and stress-free.

    Import your existing contact lists, or let us build one for you

    If you already have a network in place, it’s a simple process to import your contacts into AladdinB2B. If you’re building a network from scratch, or you only have a limited number of contacts, let our system populate it for you with high-quality, highly-relevant decision makers.


    AladdinB2B features a simple yet comprehensive dashboard with at-a-glance status reports for your projects, meetings, and matches, as well as follow up reminders.

    Unlimited matching possibilities

    Our proprietary matching systems will present you with high-quality pre-qualified leads with direct relevance to your industry. We have designed a huge range of comprehensive algorithms that come together in your unique “Business Potential Analyzer” (BPA). This powerful tool automates the search for highly relevant prospects, be they potential clients or customers, suppliers, or co-shopping partners.

    Access comprehensive profiles on each match, and quickly assess the strengths of your prospect using our inbuilt rating system.

    Products and services browser

    AladdinB2B carries full databases of both HS and UN codes for products and services worldwide. Our system combines these in one easy-to-use service, allowing you to search for prospects by both product/service name and code. This reduces your research time massively when needing to target narrow product categories for your sales efforts.

    Packages to suit your exact requirements

    Pricing options

    We are pleased to offer both monthly subscription pricing as well as per-event licences for AladdinB2B.

    FREELifetime $299 $699
    Try for free
    Try for free
    Try for free
    Plan type For smaller businesses search for the right partners. For small-to-medium companies who want to grow their business network. For medium-to-large companies who are looking to accelerate growth.
    Number of users included 2 5 10
    Price per additional
    $70 $60 $50
    Business profiles database access
    Number of Company lists you can build per day 10 25 50
    Number of Premium in-meeting requests 2 5 20
    Number of Confirmed meetings per day 1 Up to 3 Up to 10
    Customer support
    Email customer support Call support Call support
    Dashboard and
    Dashboard access only Dashboard access and custom reporting
    Email campaign to 500 match list from database 1000 match list from database
    Email meeting
    Export to CSV and
    Dedicated research
    Aladdin mobile app
    Meeting scheduler
    Full API
    $2,999/event $9,999/event Contact Us
    Plan type Up to 500 participants Up to 2,000 participants 2,000+ participants
    One license to Aladdin platform
    Full customization and branding for your event
    Full services categorization per standard HS & UN codes
    Up to how many
    500 2,000 Any number
    $6 $6 Unlimited
    Dashboard access and customization Standard Full Full
    IT support during the event /exhibition
    Set up your event within how many weeks 6 weeks 4 weeks 3 weeks
    Email campaign process in all stages of an event
    SMS reminders for
    Updating and verifying your database
    Customized mobile app platform for your event
    Meeting scheduler
    API integrations access with other solutions
    Indoor maps solution (offline / online) to your meetings
    $450/month $850/month $2400/month


    Get a Demo


    Get a Demo


    Get a Demo

    Number of licenses 1 1 1
    Number of users 5 10 20

    Price per additional


    $70 $60 $50
    Full customization and branding for your event
    Business profiles database access per year (prospects) 500 profiles 1000 profiles 3000 profiles
    Dashboard access and customization Standard Full Full

    Price per additional


    $20 $15 $10
    Training Sessions 2 3 4
    Setup Time 8 weeks 6 weeks 4 weeks
    Email Campign included 1 3
    Mobile App
    Full services categorization per standard HS & UN codes
    SMS reminders for meetings
    Prospector & Appointment Setter USD1500 USD1300

    Get a copy of our pricing packages


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