Aladdin Wish Chrome Extension

Aladdin Wish Chrome Extension

Stop searching, start meeting!

Aladdin Wish Chrome extension is a business intelligence tool that gets you the contact information of people you want in one simple click. Aladdin makes it quick and easy to locate contact details and request meetings with your ideal prospects.

How it works

Aladdin Wish helps you meet people you find on LinkedIn and other platforms. By providing you with accurate B2B contact details from our database and resources instantly, Aladdin saves the time you would spend searching for it yourself.

Business professionals spend countless hours searching for the ideal prospect. Once you find them, you spend more time trying to locate and verify contact information. Now imagine you could save all that search time by clicking one button.

Aladdin Wish gives you the tools you need to meet with business professionals, easier and faster. Enrich your professional network data with updated and accurate contact details with Aladdin Wish Chrome Extension.

Download Aladdin Wish and start meeting today.