Leading innovation in the B2B Trade Industry,
AladdinB2B has fueled the ultimately
powerful Hybrid Trade Show Model.

A Hybrid Trade Show is the merge of a physical and virtual experience. It delivers massive exposure to your show by expanding your audience on an international scale through a personal and digital entry.

AladdinB2B Integrates Three User Dimensions

1. Associate App

Exhibitors will utilize Aladdin Digital Systems on-site. Guests will have access to your customized Aladdin White-Labeled App before and during the event to search for potential buyers, partners, or distributors to arrange meetings, receive RFQs, correspond with one another, as well as utilize the follow-up tools to generate business.

Visitors (buyers) can use Aladdin while attending the days of your show. They can organize meetings with potential suppliers and get to know them before they meet F2F. They can go directly to meetings by clicking ‘Take Me To My Meeting’ using Aladdin’s Offline Indoor Map Technology. Once the meeting is complete, they can rate the meeting, add follow-up tasks, and share with their team.

2. Hybrid (Personal & Digital)

Exhibitors can choose to exhibit physically while also showcasing their products to online attendees who cannot travel to your show. They can sponsor specific product keywords to highlight on the top results, featured as ads (google monetization method). Attendees who can not travel can attend online. The system allows them to search for the right suppliers using our matchmaking tools or smart search, request quotations, and conduct a call or video call using the platform.

Exhibitors will also have a dedicated online team to follow up and remind attendees of upcoming meetings. They will ensure that the meeting is taking place.

3. Online App

The online app is designed for exhibitors and attendees who cannot attend the trade show physically for any given reason. If your event has licensed Aladdin technology, it will be accessible online. Exhibitors can view all attendees present at the trade show (both online and physically), request meetings with potential buyers, and respond to RFQs. An attendee can see products and services offered by the exhibitors and can also request and attend meetings online and request quotations.

Online exhibitors will save on travel costs and are likely to spend more money online at your show, attracting a wider audience and increased engagement.

Customer Acquisition - Trade show benefits

Aladdin is innovating the Trade Show industry through the latest and greatest technologies.

Now more than ever, trade show organizers need to adapt to current trends to stay in the game. The shift to digital allows events to break through spatial barriers; reach a global audience, maximize ROI and enhance B2B interaction.