Event Sponsoring: 13 Creative Ideas For Hybrid Event Managers

Event Sponsoring: 13 Creative Ideas For Hybrid Event Managers

The event industry is going through a drastic change. This change started some time ago yet is now more apparent and happening much faster because of the pandemic. Many industries are shifting from in-person events to online and hybrid events. Companies will invest in hybrid events and trade shows because they do not want to stay behind the competition and try to make the best of this situation. Hybrid events are a combination of in-person and online events that offer benefits of both worlds. Event organizers should not be afraid of finding sponsors when organizing a hybrid event because the traditional sponsorship ideas might not work. Instead, they can utilize all digital aspects that are now available and develop creative ideas for sponsorship options.

Events have always been an excellent opportunity for brands to present themselves. These events have improved brand awareness, creating leads, making sales, and even launching products. Hybrid events provide unique opportunities for organizers to offer not ordinary but an exclusive presentation of the brands. A visible logo was maybe sufficient in the past, but now, much more is possible and achievable. Sponsors can gain exposure before and during the event.

Every event should offer a three-way value; to organizers, to the audience, and to sponsors. This is a win-win situation: Sponsorships help event organizers broaden their reach and collaboration. Meanwhile, the audience is looking for new ideas and products, discoveries, and experiences, and sponsors are looking for brand awareness and more sales.

Here are some creative ideas for hybrid event managers.

1. Sponsored giveaways

One of the most common ways to attract sponsors is by organizing a sponsored giveaway, which also helps the audience be more engaged. Announcing the winners at the closing speech is highly recommended, so the impact and accent would be more emphasized. 

2. Banners and pop-up ads

When organizing hybrid events, make sure that the platform you are using can use banners and pop-up ads because they are a great way to incorporate branding opportunities for sponsors. Banners could appear on the side during the live sessions, while pop-ups could be used during breaks.

3. Gamification

Games are always a good choice. They help improve audience engagement and can also be used for event analytics. It is also helpful since it is harder to keep the audience’s attention on hybrid events. Sponsors can offer a fun game break and, with it, put their brand in the first plan. A small gift is always welcome.

4. Virtual sponsorship activation

As mentioned earlier, events are a great place where companies can launch, test, and trial their product. This is probably the most used event sponsorship option. The main factor here is to match the need of the event with the sponsor who is willing to deliver it.

5. Sponsored sessions

Sessions are one of the most significant aspects of any event. They can be used for the sponsors to convey their message to the audience. You need to make sure that the sponsor’s message and content should emphasize the sponsor itself, but it will also be in line with the event’s content. By doing this, you will make sure that the sponsored session is beneficial for all stakeholders.

6. Virtual Happy Hour / Afterparty

Offering an interactive environment where attendees can communicate with each other is an optimal solution. By organizing this, attendees will be engaged, and you will allow exhibitors to sponsor the event. Some sponsors might also choose an afterparty for their brand reference.

7. Virtual Hybrid Event Data

When organizing a hybrid event, you will have plenty of data related to the specifics of a particular market. Some sponsors are looking for these insights, and they might be willing to offer cooperation. This data has great value for you, an event organizer, and for the sponsors.

8. Closing credit

Another thing that you might use for getting sponsorships is giving them a closing credit. Instead of just wrapping up, quickly showing all the sponsors together, and closing the event, you might give special thanks to some of the sponsors. This way, attendees will remember whom to thank for sponsoring the event.

9. Landing page with exclusive deals

Events are a perfect place for sponsors to give their products to potential customers. Hybrid events can be used to gift and trial new products to a new target market. This will increase brand awareness for the sponsor, and attendees will be happy with the discounts.

10. Transitions on hybrid events

Transitions offer a great time and place for sponsors’ branding as well. During the breaks, there could be ads where you would thank your sponsors. When negotiating with the sponsors, keep in mind the time the ad will be shown. More engagement means better profit.

11. Naming rights

This is one of the leading examples of event sponsorship. Event organizers need to decide if there are some aspects or areas of the hybrid events that can be offered as brand ownership to sponsors. Many sponsors are looking for opportunities like this.  

12. Hybrid events registration offers

The idea here is that attendees can attend a hybrid event by paying less or free of charge if they watch sponsors’ messages or engage with sponsors somehow. If they simply do not want to do this, they need to pay a higher price. A similar method is used by Spotify and Hulu.

13. Pre-event messaging

Pre-event messaging is another great way to gain sponsorships. It could be done long before the actual event is going to take place. You could send the event info with the sponsors’ logo, content could be visible on the event registration, or you can send branded promotional items before the event. Either way will create a positive picture and an emphasis on the sponsors.

The critical factor for getting sponsorships on hybrid events is getting creative and not being afraid of trying something new. There are many opportunities with all aspects of the event itself. Event sponsorships ideas should always be explored, especially now when everything is going digital. An excellent sponsorship idea might contribute to the whole hybrid event experience.

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