Five Secrets To Improve Your Hybrid Event In 2021

Five Secrets To Improve Your Hybrid Event In 2021

As the events industry goes digital, hybrid events are in. Even at in-person events, digital elements are a necessity that will drive ROI, increase attendance, and enhance the overall experience. You need to familiarize yourself with some tips to help you improve your hybrid event.

Planning a hybrid event requires a ton of preparation, and to ensure that everything goes according to plan, event organizers have to work hard and pay more attention to detail. To ensure the best output, event organizers must keep a check on everything. 

If you’re going to arrange or host a hybrid event soon, we’ve got you covered. Take some time to read this guide, and you’ll find the top five secrets to improving your hybrid event. 

Perhaps, you previously organized a hybrid event but couldn’t gain the desired results. If so, this guide is for you to start on the right foot for your next hybrid event. By acting upon these five secrets, you’ll gain higher traction from both facets of your hybrid event; personal and virtual.

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1. A core mission for the event helps to improve your hybrid event

When organizing a hybrid event, it’s easier to get lost in the prep work so much that you’ll forget about your actual goal. Your marketing process is all over the place with no coherence between its various segments, and you end up losing more than you gain. 

To ensure the event’s success and get better results than your previous hybrid event, you need to have a core mission for your event. The mission or core theme should be the same across your marketing messages or process. 

Your core theme has to be robust, clear, and relevant to your participants. It should be value-driven for both the participants and organizers. Throughout your prep work, you should not disassociate from your goals, and they should be predefined. It helps you incorporate them into your marketing process. No matter the size of the business, you should have a vision about gaining maximum traction from your event. 

One of the primary factors leading to the success of your event is people spreading the word about your event. When your mission is clearly a part of your marketing messages, people share it on social media. For this reason, event organizers should work to prepare a clear mission for the event.

2. Reliable event technology platform

A hybrid event comprises numerous moving parts. So it’s essential to have a reliable virtual event technology platform that provides a seamless experience. 

It’s easier to lose your focus because you have to prepare for two entirely opposite scenarios. The virtual component of a hybrid event is just as much important as the physical component. To ensure an excellent experience for participants on the virtual facet, use a robust and proven virtual event technology platform

To cater to a large remote audience, you need a sophisticated platform. Don’t rely on a faulty platform because many event organizers commit to this mistake and fail to gain traction from remote participants. Negative virtual experience is a big turnoff for participants. 

For your next hybrid event, you need a platform that seamlessly integrates both components of your event through a live stream video and other crucial functionalities. Aladdin is a comprehensive virtual event platform that’s reshaping the hybrid event experience and helping the trade show industry improving hybrid events. 

3. Lead generation & analytics 

One of the biggest secrets behind the success of hybrid events is that organizers leverage lead generation and analytics smartly. If you use Aladdin for your hybrid event, you get more than just information about guests.  Its matchmaking technology improves your hybrid event because it focuses on providing qualified matches with insights into your leads. 

When you organize a hybrid event, be prepared to act upon all the actionable insights you receive from your virtual event platform. You will be able to collect lots of actionable data such as the places they are visiting in your virtual event, sessions they’re attending, how they are interacting with others, and much more.

Before starting your event, make sure to provide this vital information to presenters and sponsors so they use it for good.

4. Help from sponsors 

Sponsors provide funding for your event and seek maximum ROI on their investment. Even though your sponsor is funding your event, it doesn’t mean they can’t help you in other ways. 

Because sponsors already have a reputation in the industry, they can be intuitively involved in marketing your event and help out in various other ways. Low participation and engagement mean sponsors will not gain the desired results, so many sponsors help event brands to make hybrid events successful. 

Ensure your sponsors are involved in all aspects of your event, and they’re accountable for its success. This doesn’t only help you market your event and run things smoothly; you also legitimize your brand and gain traction from your event. 

If you want to improve your next hybrid event and make it a success, ask sponsors for help in all aspects of the event.

5. Social media promotion

Not many successful event brands will tell, but they all have one common secret behind the success of their hybrid events; social media promotion.

You should leverage its power before, during, and after the event for maximum results. With more than 2 billion active users on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, you have immense opportunities to target prospective audiences. Besides, you can connect with your current audience.

You should promote your hybrid event on social media because that’s where your prospective audiences are spending a great deal of their time—you’ll certainly connect with them.

Your marketing team needs to have a social media manager who will live-tweet the events to keep people up-to-date. This may even trigger people to join the event remotely if you are allowing late registrations. 

For high engagement, post your hybrid event’s photos across all social media platforms where your audience is located.

A reliable virtual event technology platform is critical to your hybrid event’s success. For your next hybrid event, let Aladdin deliver the perfect experience to your remote participants.