Aladdin- Official Trade App For GITEX 2020

Aladdin: Official Trade App For GITEX 2020

In recent accomplishments in the global trade show industry – GITEX 2020 was one of the largest hybrid technology trade shows this year. 1,500 private companies, government entities, and startups from 32 countries gathered at the Dubai World Trade Center in celebration of the global tech movement. With 73,000 trade visitors in attendance, the renowned trade show spanned from December 6-10 to showcase futuristic tech innovation and ideas for the coming decade. Aladdin was selected by GITEX as the official trade app and meetings technology.

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Aladdin Trade App personalized for GITEX 2020

While many giant trade shows were canceled due to restrictions posed by the current worldwide pandemic, GITEX reigned supreme by successfully commemorating its 40th anniversary in 2020. There were key factors that enabled this outcome. 

GITEX opted for a hybrid event, infusing digital elements into the traditional in-person event, resulting in a more interactive and inclusive experience. It’s fair to say these digital embellishments played a pivotal role in the show’s success. Among these factors is Aladdin, a means to create structured B2B meetings through defined and personalized matchmaking.

More than 4000 influential meetings were pre-organized before the event. Investors, government delegates, exhibitors, and startups engaged in the aspiration of new partnerships and trade connections. The meetings were arranged by AladdinB2B technology, the official partner of the GITEX 2020.

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The target assigned to AladdinB2B was 468 meetings between VIP exhibitors and government delegates and 1000 between startups and investors. AladdinB2B successfully pre-arranged a total of 4,323 meetings taking place over four days. 

To determine the successful strategies behind the meeting and network planning, we conducted an interview with the CEO of AladdinB2B, Alaa Ismail

Can you tell us more about AladdinB2B technology for GITEX 2020?

The AladdinB2B app enables trade show and pavilion organizers as well as government trade offices to add value to their participants by providing a world-class business matching platform and meeting technology. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, AladdinB2B is trusted in conducting thousands of successful meetings through innovative technology. 

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What are the credentials in the matchmaking process that led to arranging thousands of meetings for the GITEX 2020 event?

The most important element in the high-level VIP meetings program is the right matchmaking process. You may have the best-looking user interface technology and bring high profiles to one place, but without the right matchmaking, you will not achieve the desired results. Most matchmaking companies I see around the globe approach high-level matchmaking by filtering companies by country or main category; let’s say someone is interested in buying software and someone else is selling software, the matchmaker considers this to be a match… this is where everything goes wrong and the meeting will be a complete-time of waste.

Software is a general term; there are thousands of subcategories within the main category of software. To make a potential match, specifics are required, On the other hand, pairing relevant executive positions to meet with one another is key- for example, if you are arranging a C-Level meeting, both parties must be C-Level, or at least decision-makers, to have a fruitful meeting. Once the matching is done right, a second and third level of filtered matching is applied by the Aladdin team and this is our secret sauce of having a perfect match.  

CEO Alaa Ismail AladdinB2B
Alaa Ismail, Founder & CEO

How much time did it take to organize 4,323 meetings and what actions were taken to meet the deadline?

Usually, we need 6-8 weeks for this process, this time we did it in 3 weeks, by doubling the number of team members assigned to the project. 

What sets AladdinB2B apart from others?

The proficient team at AladdinB2B collectively arranges thousands of meetings to take place without interference. Many companies can provide technology, but what really sets us above our competition is our state-of-the-art process that has been converted into scalable technology complemented by the human element – By combining artificial and human intelligence, we have created a Smart Business Network.

While our portal automated meeting agendas direct to clients, our call center team followed up with reminders to clients beforehand and the on-ground team was attentive in escorting them to their table to ensure the meetings were conveniently facilitated. We take pride in client experience to provide a world-class solution.

GITEX 2020 Aladdin

The beauty of organizing tens of thousands of meetings every year gave us a great source of thousands of clients’ feedback to actively improve the Aladdin Software to fit the needs of our clients. Look forward to Aladdin 0.3 where we have taken and implemented all customer suggestions to enhance our solution. 

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