How to Host a Virtual Event: The Right Way To Do It

How to Host a Virtual Event: The Right Way To Do It

Virtual Event. Isn’t this word sound like we are living in the future? A world with flying cars and robot waiters and events that occur virtually without the need of being there in person. Well, the former two have yet to exist, however, we do have some cool virtual events!

When hosting a virtual event, you need to know the tips and tricks that would make your event a success. After all, you don’t want all your hard work to go to waste, do you?

By using the right strategy and some hidden tricks right out of a magician’s bag, you will have the means to host a virtual event the right way so that it garners the success it deserves.

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So how to host a virtual event the right way, you ask? Well Just read on.

Enhance Attendee involvement

Do you know what happened the last time I attended a virtual event? I fell asleep because it felt so monotonous and boring. You don’t want your audiences to doze off during your event. No, you have to keep them engaged and interested.

You need to keep on tugging on that invisible string that jerks their attention away from their surroundings and over to you. One way this can be done is through interactive tools.


MeetingPulse is an amazing interactive online tool that can help you to connect with your audience. It is simple to use, it works with all browsers as well as connects with MS Teams, Zoom, and other applications, and best of all, it requires no download.

The customizability options are off the charts. It allows you to offer your audience a wide array of interactive items such as polls, surveys, voting tools, and raffles, all in a live and virtual environment.

Google Hangouts

You can never go wrong with a classic. A free to use tool, Google Hangouts is one of the most familiar tools available on the market that can make audience engagement a whole lot easier. It aims to connect all the speakers, attendees and other event planners within one hangout zone. 

While it is not an ideal option for large scale virtual events, it is certainly good for small exclusive events. The tool offers various options such as group chats, direct messaging and comments that can keep audiences engaged. 

With the new addition of emojis, the audience and the hosts get more options to play around with and have fun with each other. It is a great way to keep the audience entertained and immersed in the event without going to great lengths.

Nail the Timing

No one likes guests that overstay their welcome. The same is the case with virtual events. You have to make sure that your virtual event ends on a high note and within the allocated time. Now there is no concrete time limit due to the different nature of each virtual event. However, you can use a ballpark estimation which is around 60 minutes.

Of course, you can break up events with small breaks but that might lead to frustration among viewers who would have to play a waiting game during each break. Therefore, it is best to research and check the time limit best suited for your virtual event and aim for your events to end within that time frame.  

If you pull this off, you are guaranteed a returning audience for your next event.

Take advantage of the theme

music theme event

Virtual events can be based on several different themes. Music, entertainment, comic books, each theme is wildly unique and different, and as such can benefit from hosting ideas that are unique to each of them.

In a comic book event, you can get your hosts to dress up and cosplay as different superhero characters. Likewise for a Musical event, if you were to hire a pop band as your hosts, your audience would be blown away with excitement.

Make sure to incorporate unique aspects that are relevant to the theme of the event. A cosplay host at a musical event would just look weird. Similarly, a host talking about business agreements during a comic book panel would just have your audience scratching their heads in confusion.

Take advantage of the theme and incorporate the unique quirks that only that specific event can benefit from. This will make your event unique and more fun and engaging. For more secrets on how to make your virtual event successful, check out what AladdinB2B’s Genies have to say here.

Be ready to improvise

The virtual world is unreliable. Technical difficulties can arise from anywhere. What would you do if one of your presenters was suddenly unable to connect? Or if your music systems go on the fritz? In such cases always be ready to improvise.

Improvisation can help distract your audience from the unforeseen last-minute problems that can occur anytime anywhere. As a host, be ready to crack a joke or two or have some conversational topics at the ready while the problems are sorted out. Don’t just stand there in awkward silence waiting for your net prompt. 

Be funny, be creative, and be confident. It can be hard, I get it. But as a host, you can’t let the pressure get to you.

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Hosting a virtual event is not easy. You will have to navigate your way around a myriad of obstacles and last-minute problems. However, if you were to follow our instructions, you can not only pull it off the right way but also will gain a stream of followers ready to attend your next event due to your excelling hosting skills.

If you want to get nitty and gritty about more hosting techniques then look no further. Our team of talented Genies is always just a click away. So, rub that lamp by clicking here and get in touch with our Genies. They can handle all your wishes.