Hybrid Events Are Here To Stay

Hybrid Events Are Here To Stay

Guys, let’s be honest for a minute here. Hybrid events are not going anywhere. They are here to stay and trust me, we will get used to them in no time at all. Businesses have found this new alternative highly attractive and well worth the investment especially due to the ongoing pandemic that prevents gatherings of a crowd in large areas.

Here at AladdinB2B we had already embraced the digital future before the pandemic even occurred. Now we are just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up to us.

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So today let’s discuss why the future of events is hybrid and why we should embrace it as the new way of going forward.

Enhanced Audience Interaction

One of the bigger benefits of a hybrid event is the virtual element that allows you to enhance your interaction with your audience. The opportunities for engaging them are present both during the event and after it.

Notable examples of interaction include Q&A sessions where the audience can ask questions and the hosts interact with them and answer them directly. Holding polls to get the audience’s opinion on something is also a unique way to attain live feedback from the virtual attendees.

You can even create breakout rooms for the audience members to disperse in for unique group activities. None of these would be available in an otherwise physical event. One of the biggest factors for this is that the audience is participating from their computers or mobile devices which gives them the ability to share, interact and so much more.

This also keeps them from being bored just sitting in silence and watching a presentation. Therefore, always make sure to have the audience engagement tools set up before an event.

A bigger reach

When organizing a physical event, how many people do you expect to attend? A couple hundred? A thousand, maybe? There is always a hard limit based on the venue you have rented for the event.

Hybrid events have no such limitation. Ten thousand attendees, hundred thousand, even a million is not an issue. As long as you have the server capacity for it, there is virtually no limit to the people attending your hybrid event.

You can reach out to people all over the world, and have attendees from different cities, different countries, even different continents, thus breaking down the barriers of one of the hardest limitations posed on physical events.

The higher the number of attendees the more successful your event can be, which can be a great thing if you are looking for third-party sponsorship.

Sponsorship opportunities

You can attract sponsors if you can prove that your event attracts a large number of audiences. With hybrid events, the number is never an issue therefore it is easier to get sponsors interested.

Rather than sponsoring the products, sponsors can choose to sponsor live streams and hybrid events as well as on-demand content. This allows both them, and you a greater degree of flexibility, in your prospects.

Not only it enhances your relationship with the sponsors but also opens up more opportunities such as virtual sponsors and product promotion solely on your hybrid event platform. Truly, the future has never looked this bright before.

Cost Reduction

There is no surprise that hosting physical events in a venue large enough to fit hundreds of people is very expensive. Plus, it is expensive for the attendees too, to travel many miles just to attend the event. The cost and effort are two major resources that are spent.

However, have no fear. Hybrid events can play a major part in reducing costs for every stakeholder involved. Attendees can save money as they won’t have to travel and can just connect to the event online. At the same time, the business will save money by not needing to rent a venue or prepare accommodations. Sponsors can also save money by not needing to send a representative to your event and bearing their travel and accommodation costs.

Hybrid events are perfect for when the budget is a little tight. With little to no costs, the concept ensures that the return on investment is off the charts, which brings us to……

A higher ROI (Return on Investment)

virtual meeting

Look, we understand. Calculating ROI is a nightmare, especially since a physical event is made of so many parts, it is hard to get an estimate. Hybrid events however provide much higher visibility especially due to being able to compartmentalize the event in one or more sessions.

Plus, the scalability of the hybrid event as well as the increased reach can help you get more views, more signups, and even more sponsors. SO not only can you calculate the ROI much easily, but you can also be sure that it is far higher than what it would have been if the event was held at a physical location.

A virtual hybrid event does not need crews to set up everything or take them down. It does not require renting venues or bringing physical and tangible items on set. Cutting back on these costs inadvertently leads to a higher ROI while still reaping the benefits of a virtual event through increasing your margins and reaching a larger audience. If you want to know more about ROI then we got you covered.

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Therefore, if you need our assistance, then contact our Genie today. We would be more than happy to help you navigate these uncharted waters so that your hybrid event can see the success that it rightfully deserves.