Importance Of Live Streaming Your Event

Importance Of Live Streaming Your Event

If your event or trade show is to happen in the near future, consider live streaming your event. But why?

Virtual events have gained immense popularity in the past 12 months. According to a report by World Apricot, the number of organizations live streaming their events doubled in 2020. The majority of event professionals have pivoted the way they used to plan events. Now they are either hosting virtual events or live streaming their in-person events. 

Have you taken the plunge and live-streamed your event to a greater audience? If not, then you’re missing out on massive benefits. Here are a few reasons why you need to consider the importance of live streaming your next event.

Maximize your exposure for more significant impact

An in-person event has geographical and physical restrictions, regardless of wherever it is happening. It means only a limited number of people can attend your event, limiting your reach and impact. On the other hand, live streaming your event on the web breaks the reach barrier by making your event accessible to a worldwide audience. It means attendance at your event can surpass any limitations you otherwise have. 

Live streaming, especially via a comprehensive virtual event platform, can offer unmatched exposure to your event. And not just virtual event platforms, social media can also be of great help. 

By live streaming your event on both avenues, you can reach a much greater audience, ultimately increasing the impact. Live streaming attracts a bigger audience and drives more engagement as people are more interested in video content. When you live stream your event, it creates a sense of urgency, which compels people to watch your event. Online audiences take passive action towards regular content. But, a one-time live stream of your event has an element of urgency in it, which can create quite a stir online.

Live streaming your event gives you valuable data to improve your events

The success of virtual events is built on data and analytics. But how do you get your hands on actionable data? When you want to live stream your event, you should have a platform that is reliable and professional in every aspect. That’s where AladdinB2B comes into play. 

AladdinB2B or other such platforms generate valuable data from your live stream, which can be leveraged to repeat success at your future events. Through online data, you can learn a lot about your audience, interests, and aspects of your event that drive engagement and conversion.  When you have such valuable information and insights into your audience’s likes and dislikes, you can make informed decisions about your future events. 

Whether you’re live streaming on a social media site, a virtual event technology,  or your own website, you get data on who’s engaging different aspects of your event. 

Provide a channel of communication for your audience

At your in-person event, attendees can interact with keynote speakers, fellow participants, exhibitors, and organizers face-to-face. You can provide a similar experience to a greater audience by live streaming your event on a social site, virtual event technology, or your website.

When you broadcast your event, remote participants can engage with your content and communicate with you while the event is running. Through live streaming, you give them a communication channel to ask questions about experts speaking at the event, products being exhibited, or inquire about follow-up events. 

When live streaming your event, consider the streaming platform with the same amount of importance as the venue of your physical event. It’s vital that you get it right without making your online audience face interruptions in video quality, voice, or communication. 

There’s no guarantee that you can smoothly stream your whole event on social media platforms or your own website without facing any interruptions. For this reason, you should opt for a purpose-built virtual event technology platform. AladdinB2B has the right technology and expertise you need to live stream your event while running it on-site as well. 

Live streaming your event allows for repackaging and repurposing

A common misconception is that live streaming footage becomes useless once the event ends. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Live streaming your event is a marketing treasure trove. Live streaming your event doesn’t only allow you to engage people who’re not attending your event in person but also reuse and repurpose the recorded footage whenever you want.

You can use the following ways to get traction from your event even after it has ended. Here’s how: 

  • Archive the entire event on your social media page and website
  • Upload it to YouTube to gain maximum exposure
  • Take out short and valuable clips from your event and share them on social media
  • Use clips in your future events’ marketing.

If you have a creative marketing team they can create compelling content out of the footage. If not, outsourcing this is not an expensive cost.

You can advertise services or products in your live stream to cover the cost of your event. 

Live streaming your event gives you new revenue opportunities 

Who doesn’t want to leverage existing resources to create new revenue opportunities? When you live stream your event, you get access to new revenue opportunities. Earning through your event doesn’t have to end with sponsorships only. You can charge viewers a small fee to let them access your live stream or download a broadcasted footage of your event. 

Another revenue opportunity is letting an industry publication use your event’s live stream as content on their website. 

There are certainly a lot more reasons than these to live stream your event. 

With our virtual event technology, you can live stream your event and make the most out of it. Talk to one of our experts today and learn how AladdinB2B can expand your reach and engagement.