Nine Inspiring Trade Show Giveaways In 2021

Nine Inspiring Trade Show Giveaways In 2021

Since 2020 was a year of unparalleled transition for trade shows and events, AladdinB2B has come up with a list to assist you in pivoting 2021. Some elements of the ideal trade show giveaways remain constant: they are inexpensive, one-of-a-kind, and compact in scale. However, as trade shows become more virtual, the focus of advertising product trends has turned to topics like event participation, personal security goods, and work-from-home pieces.

If you’re attending an online or in-person trade show, the trick is to concentrate on giveaways that help the company’s overall marketing campaign and unlock your brand beyond just a pen.

Promotional merchandise dynamics for 2021 and the proliferation of interactive trade shows have resulted in a change in the traditional giveaway approach. Companies are also spending more time and resources on a few high-quality items that can be quickly sent to attendees and are more likely to be used by the recipient for a more extended period.

Clients will want things that can elicit movement, empathy, and loyalty for their company, rather than just another trinket with a logo on it. The need for marketers to establish a personal bond with their customers has never been greater, and giveaways are assisting in recreating this human touch even in the virtual world.

We at AladdinB2B continue to conclude that handing out or exporting low-cost promotional items for trade shows is critical for achieving a high amount of brand awareness. However, to capture the brand bond, the promotional items must now have a higher perceived value.

Here is AladdinB2B’s list of famous exclusive trade show giveaways for 2021 that will help you think beyond the pen and leave a considerable impression with anyone that visits your booth – in person or digitally.

1. Mobile Device Compact Wallet

This slim silicone pocket fits around the exterior of every mobile device and is ideal for holding driver’s licenses, credit cards, hotel keycards, business cards, and cash. It also prevents card strips from being deactivated.

2. Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are often beneficial. They are the kind of commodity that anyone requires to successfully clean mobile devices, tablets, CDs, eyeglasses, and LCDs, but most people fail to purchase for themselves. These packaged microfiber cloths come in a vinyl pouch, making them easy to transport and shop for trade show attendees. Keep it easy for your company color and branding, or use the huge imprint area to produce a full-color masterpiece.

3. Touch Tool

The Touch Tool is a novel and one-of-a-kind giveaway that will demonstrate to the trade show guests that you care for their interests in this modern standard. It is a small and portable instrument that assists users in avoiding interaction with heavily touched surfaces such as door handles and buttons. The Touch Tool enables us to click, drag and transform objects securely. Furthermore, it is an item that consumers would not want to leave the house without, making it an ideal giveaway for optimum brand awareness.

This tool, which is available in either sturdy, high-strength ABS plastic or solid antimicrobial brass, can be conveniently added to keys for convenient and straightforward access. It can be personalized with a full-color edge-to-edge imprint or etched into the brass.

4. Blue Light Protective Glasses

Blue Light Glasses are a three-in-one promotional item: practical, long-lasting, and adjustable.

People will continue to spend an increasing amount of time staring at screens in 2021. They will need to maintain their well-being and sleep cycles from the bright blue light emitted from screens and other modern LED lights as they progress.

Since people would like to wear blue light glasses everywhere, they have an impressively low cost-per-impression as promotional items. When people wear their stylish new frames, they promote your brand with subtle messages across the temples.

5. Digital Reward Programs

When everybody else at the trade show is handing out dull pens and magnets, you can give the prospects something they’ll really want. Consider providing the guests with free music updates, restaurant coupons, streaming movie rentals, eGift cards, eBook downloads, among other incentives. Digital loyalty promotions use incentive codes to provide offers with a high expected value at a low rate. For example, you can order 500 personalized music download cards for just $1.58 each, bringing this item well below the typical trade show giveaway budget. The cards can be fully customized to represent your brand and raise awareness. This is an excellent method for delivering important, real-world objects at a fraction of their perceived worth.

6. Individualized Journal

Although it may seem ordinary, keeping a journal is currently in high demand, especially among millennials. Despite advances in technology, sales of planners and notebooks have increased in recent years. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal notes that, as sales of paper planners and notebooks have increased, stores such as Target and Michaels have devoted more and more shelf space to them over the last year. Invest in a professional-looking executive journal to capitalize on this development and impress both the younger and older generations.

It is bound with a 5×7 inch hardcover that can be personalized with your choice of deboss imprint. Recipients would quickly take notes and mark their position with an elastic pen loop and ribbon page marker. Choose from a variety of solid and professional colors such as navy or black, or that or of your branding.

7. Snack & Water Bottle Combination

With the advent of virtual trade shows, snacks and water breaks are critical to maintaining attendee participation and participant endurance. Also, at traditional in-person trade shows, visitors will profit from a fast way to keep snacks and beverages on hand at all times. This combination snack and water bottle mix plays two functions: it saves room in the attendees’ hands while simultaneously keeping them nourished and hydrated during the day.

It has two arms, one for liquids and one for dry foods. The liquid side has a screw-off cap that can fit up to 12 ounces, while the dry side has a nap-off cap that can hold up to 4 ounces. The snack and water bottle set is FDA certified, BPA free, and dishwasher safe, so you can be confident that you’re distributing a safe and high-quality brand. Make it your own by imprinting your brand name or branding pad on the middle of the bottle.

8. Chargers for USB devices

Attendees at trade shows may not be in the office, but they are in contact with their employers by email, fax, and phone calls. Constant communication will deplete battery life, sending an attendee scrambling for the closest source. As a trade show giveaway, USB chargers will provide visitors with a lifeline back home when they need it the most.

USB chargers are compact and easy to use at a trade fair. Most USB chargers can charge various electronic devices, holding attendees connected to the outside world. USB chargers are ideal for travel since they can be conveniently stored in luggage and brought home for future use.

9. Wireless Earphones

As the environment increasingly relies on mobile gadgets to stay linked, headphones and earbuds are becoming an indispensable office tool for professionals. Consider custom branded earbuds that enable users to remain linked and wired in without the inconvenience of cords.

True Wireless Stereo technology is used in these earbuds, which have a Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters. This system has a playback time of 3.5 to 5 hours and a 50 mAH battery for each earbud. They come in a small and comfortable charging box and case, making them easy to transport and use. For a professionally labeled giveaway piece, add your screen imprinted logo to the box.

To summarise, selecting the best trade show giveaway pieces can be challenging at times. Still, when done correctly, you can be able to net impressive returns in both in-booth traffic and attendee interaction with your company. For any marketing project, keep your priorities in mind and aim to minimize budget and technical snags, and you’ll be fine. Want to know more about making your trade show successful? Visit AladdinB2B for the best experience in managing trade shows.