How to Launch Virtual Events to Fuel B2B Lead Generation

How to Launch Virtual Events To Fuel B2B Lead Generation

Did you ever realize, how easy it would be one day, to be able to market your business, fuel B2B lead generation, and secure new customers without stepping outside your office? 

This is the new age we are living in now. With digital nomadism becoming increasingly common and the concept of working from home becoming more than just a novelty, the idea to use virtual events to generate B2B leads has become more than just a reality.

Online and virtual events have become the new hot topic. They are easy to manage; can accommodate a large number of people and are cheaper to pull off. Best of all, they are the main ingredient for B2B lead generation.

At AladdinB2B, we did not wait for the world to give us a signal. We have already been hosting virtual events and trade shows to generate B2B leads long before it became the new trend. So, let’s talk about how such events can be used to generate your B2B leads. 

Create Virtual Events That Increase B2B Lead Generation

Use a reliable streaming service 

When hosting a B2B Lead Generation event, you do not want your attendees to get disconnected or face issues that might hamper their enjoyment. To launch a successful event, you need a reliable broadcasting service. You can always stream your virtual events on YouTube or Facebook, but they do not exactly cater to events designed for B2B Lead Generation. So let us talk about the services that are.

  1. Cloud Video

With over 2 million events being streamed on it every month, IBM Cloud Video is one of the biggest and most frequently used platforms for casual B2B events. By providing an interactive live platform, it enables business users to not only attend the event but interact as participants. 

This is certainly useful when you want to host an interactive event to secure potential customers by putting your products on display. The interactivity aspect is key as it will help make the attendees feel included and valued, rather than just being a spectator.

  1. Intercall

InterCall is ideal for B2B events especially due to its secure communication and hosting. It gives users different options such as video conferencing, audio conferencing as well as web conferencing. 

The communication aspect can allow companies to reach out to potential new customers through filters and sorting functionalities designed to attract consumers who have an interest in your products. Plus, it does not hurt to know that over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies prefer using InterCall for B2B lead generation.

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Advertise your Virtual Events

It’s not going to be an event if no one shows up. To avoid falling into this trap you have to make sure that the relevant people are being exposed to ads for your virtual event. In other words, you need to advertise your events and get the word out there. There are different ways to do this.

You can pay for Facebook ads to help get word of your event out there. You can also use ads on your social media pages. Studies often show that users on Twitter and Instagram are more forthcoming to advertisements for virtual events. 

Getting your message across is key here. A single image with an attractive visage of colors and some catchy phrases can do wonders for making your audience aware of your next B2B event. 

Or you can do it the old-fashioned way, through blogs and keywords that are highly accessible and visited frequently. Launching events for B2B lead generation has never been this easy. 

Understand your target audience

To have your next virtual event be a success, you need to understand the audience you are catering to. You want qualified and engaged people to attend your event. Therefore, it is always better to create segmentations based on the following criteria.

  • Job Position
  • Company Size
  • Company Influence
  • Industry Sector

There are some things you must keep in mind when developing and analyzing your target audience. This includes the region where they are located, as well as the timings there. Other factors to consider consist of their demographic and age. Specific regional factors will ensure the optimization of the event in regards to attendance and registrations, even though anyone can sign up. 

A proper understanding of the geographical regions will allow you to make sure your event starts at an optimal time with the maximum number of attendees. This in turn will increase your chances for B2B lead generation.

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Send Reminders

Setting a date for your event also means you have to send out reminders to everyone interested. Reminders are a vital part of the event engagement process as they ensure people remember to attend your event. You do not want to launch your event and then find out people forgot to attend, do you? So here are some points on how they can be done without feeling over intrusive.

  • Use channels such as SMS, social media messages, and emails.
  • Make it feasible for the potential attendees to add the events to their personal calendars.
  • Send reminders on the day before the event is scheduled to begin. You can also send it in the early morning of the event day.

Make the Events Simple and Fun

Lastly, the event must be simple to attend. Going through hoops of signup and registration processes is no fun for anyone. It is much more viable to use a 1-click method, where an attendee can simply access the virtual event without going through any hassle. 

After all, these virtual events drive leads and generate pipelines, so they have to be created by keeping the audience’s comfort in mind. You should decide beforehand how do you want them to attend your events? Should it be a live show or an on-demand service? 

Answering these questions during the planning period is important so that when the virtual events are launched, the audience can consume them on their schedule. The simplicity will then allow your event to stand out from the rest.

If you’re looking to fuel lead generation at your next event, we can help! Get in touch with a genie today. 

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