Five Marketing Strategies For Hybrids Events, B2B Meetings, And Hybrid Trade Show

Five Marketing Strategies For Hybrids Events, B2B Meetings, And Hybrid Trade Show

Business organizations are transforming their physical events into hybrid trade shows because of global pandemic circumstances, and attendees find it a convincing and economical way to attend B2B meetings. As a result, hosts of such trade shows raise higher ROI for the exhibitor, increase attendance by reducing travel and other trade show-related costs. Since hybrid trade shows can be more interactive than in-person events and more flexible, it quickly accelerates the business growth within an organization and also enhances networking opportunities for the show’s attendees.

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A hybrid trade show blends a live event with virtual technology by incorporating digital elements for attendees. Including the virtual audience, event planners and promoters can keep in-person attendance to a minimum while still increasing ticket sales and revenues.

Revolution of Hybrid Trade Show

For years at AladdinB2B, we’ve been planning and digitizing trade shows through hybrid models. So let’s explore some gains of hybrid trade shows.

Time and travel distance limit attendance at a live event, so a hybrid trade show helped break these barriers down. It’s available for audiences worldwide by choosing an appropriate mode of attending B2B meetings at their leisure.

Most virtual events in the past have been free to join, which doesn’t have to remain the same in the future. Attendees will charge virtual access for any b2b trade show, but at a lower rate than in-person access. This expands the pool of potential attendees with impressive ROI.

A research study found that approximately 97% of marketers are confident that Hybrid events will become more prominent going forward.

That means a hybrid trade show will attract a new and potentially different audience that is uninterested in attending a live event or is unaware of the benefit of enhancing networking opportunities. So, the hybrid model increases prospective event attendance and allows potential guests to make things get done.

Marketing Strategies To Adopt For Hybrid Events

Even the best hybrid event will fall short if you do not market it accurately. We have compiled some of the marketing strategies to assist you in reaching your target audience. The following points will assist any event marketer in spreading the word and generating enthusiasm among in-person and virtual attendees.

If you follow these plans, you will have successful and cost-effective ways to promote your next hybrid event.

Constant Engaging through Social Media Platform

Social media networks are the best choice for event marketing. However, instead of just asking people to register or buy tickets, aim to involve them in a more meaningful way by running different campaigns.

Take a value-oriented approach to social media marketing and ensure that most of your posts emphasize the benefits of attending your event to the audience. Some people may be hesitant to participate as a virtual audience member, but convince them they’ll get as much out of your hybrid event as those who can attend in person.

Run Email Campaigns for your Hybrid Trade Show or B2B Meetings

Running an email campaign is one of the easy and cost-effective ways to promote your hybrid event. Start by sending email invites to your database of attendees. Members who have already attended your events are likely to be involved in your upcoming one. They are familiar with your event’s brand and the sort of value-driven b2b meetings you deliver.

If you have a mailing list or a newsletter, include certain people in your invitations. To maximize interaction and participation, you can collect mailing addresses and deliver the conference schedule and delegation list directly to your attendees before the event.

Include Sponsors Support into Marketing Plan

When your sponsors and partners support the event, it expands the event’s reach exponentially and helps to market your event space for customers involved with them. So, if you have sponsors aligned to various b2b trade shows or exhibitors, make sure they’re informing their contacts and followers about your event.

A technology-focused sponsor could tie their product or service to a virtual animated hour to market and socialize online audiences. If you give bespoke marketing collateral to partners, they will spread separate messages that will promote your event specifically.

Make Exhibitors and Speakers’ Contribution Worthwhile

Make sure to market your hybrid event by linking the event’s participants like exhibitors, vendors, or any Keynote speakers you invite for attendees. They have their followers and fans on different social media platforms that may be interested in hearing or seeing what these presenters have to say.

Consider assisting them in their marketing efforts by assembling influential assets to post and distribute among their followers. They would still want a crowd for their b2b meetings, so if you make it simple to encourage their participation, they will be more likely to join your event.

Explore the Event Planner Opportunities

On the other hand, event organizers must deliver exclusive content for both online and offline attendees, which shouldn’t be time-consuming but precise from a marketing perspective. However, the revenue-generating advantages from these events are even more remarkable. As a result, we suggest that B2B business companies include hybrid events in their marketing strategy.

Professional event hosts like AladdinB2B encourage successful hybrid trade shows that achieve the right resources and audience. We are essentially a technology provider that make event marketing simple with a virtual event manager and trade app. We enhance trade shows and events by arranging a pre-targeted network with highly qualified B2B meetings among participants. 

Choose the Right Platform for your B2B Meetings & Hybrid Trade Show

We will optimize the event portal and app to their show branding. The show guests can log into the Aladdin App and view the company exhibitors list, and read about each company that will attend the trade show. AladdinB2B builds a match-list and provides a meeting agenda for each company. So, before the show happens, their meetings are already getting scheduled, and they know what to expect next. If you want to explore the new dimensions of a hybrid event, AladdinB2B will help you. Contact our marketing team for more information and queries.