What Is The Best Practice To Have A Successful Exhibiting Experience: Tips For Trade Shows Exhibitors

What Is The Best Practice To Have A Successful Exhibiting Experience: Tips For Trade Shows Exhibitors

Trade shows are an excellent way for a company to present its products, services, and the whole company in general. Since it is one of the most effective exposure methods, it is vital to prepare and execute the exhibition in the best way possible. Every exhibition aspect is essential to provide a successful exhibiting experience. Trade shows are time-consuming, and they require money investments. With technology expansion, many different tools for company promotions came, but trade shows remain one of the best ways for doing it. AladdinB2B Genies can help exhibitors in the preparation, organization, and execution of the exhibition. Preparation is the key to everything.

Trade shows offer different possibilities for different business industries, but its main aspects are showcasing the products and services, expanding the customer network, and promoting a brand image. Arguably the best use of trade shows is a large potential customer base, so you need to adjust and prepare your exhibition with that in mind. There is not much time for this whole process to occur. As an exhibitor, your message needs to be clear, concise, and on point. You have to recognize that you and your exhibiting skills are not competing solely with your company’s rivals but with every exhibitor at the trade show. Your exhibition needs to persuade the customers that your company is number one in its sector.

If you want to have a successful and impressive exhibiting experience, we have some pro tips for you.

Exhibitors should set clear goals

When going to the trade show, you as an exhibitor need to know what you want to present there. You have to decide what you want to achieve much before the trade show. The whole preparation needs to be aimed towards this idea. The goals should be clear and measurable. You need to develop a kind of blueprint of your goals and how you plan to achieve them.

Some of the most common trade show goals for exhibitors are creating business and increasing exposure. If you opt for business creation, your focus will be on meeting the possible customers, growing revenues, expanding the network, and finding new prospects. If you decide to go for the exposure, your exhibition should pivot to raising your company’s profile, leveraging awareness and the relationship to the industry where you work.

Set up booth

When it comes to your stand, everything is significant. You might start with your booth location. Do whatever you can to have the place in the area where the most crowd is likely to pass. Its design should be simple. It needs to convey the general message of what you want to achieve on the trade show. Most companies similarly organize booths. There are not many purposely developed specifics. That is why your booth should distinguish yourself and your company from the rest of them. It needs to awaken a wow effect. In the end, it does represent your company.

Another good idea for the booth is to keep it open with minimal furniture. The goal is not to overload it. Graphics and lighting help in design. The decoration is more than welcome. It is one of the great ways to catch attention. One of the most memorable experiences of the visitors is interactive games. Games offer the possibilities to interact with your brand, build a connection, or even form an attachment to your brand. As an exhibitor, always try to utilize technology as much as possible. Some many technological gadgets and widgets will help you to live up to your brand. 

Have knowledgable trade shows staff

We will not mention the clear don’ts when going on the trade shows, but we will focus on some dos. Trade shows are a team and cohesion game. We all know that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Successful exhibitors always provide top-notch training for their staff. They want them fully prepared for the trade show. There are many goals of this training. One of them is to evoke the wish to go there, not to be made to go. It will help them to give their maximum. Training should also cover the best ways and practices to qualify leads and close sales.  

Exhibitors and the rest of the team need to be knowledgeable about the company’s products. Thorough preparation is mandatory. Apart from that, you have to arouse awareness of competitors. From their products and the way of their exhibition to used marketing techniques – detailed research is required. Exhibitors should have a clear dress code. Always remember, first impression counts.

Exhibitors should follow up

It is impossible to accent how much follow-up is crucial. According to Exhibitor Magazine, less than 70% of companies have a formal process of following the leads, and just 47% of the companies follow these leads through the sales process. Therefore, you also need to have a post-event plan. It will help you to leverage all of the information acquired through the trade show. It is crucial to be quick with the follow-up. The longer you wait, the colder the lead will be. You also have to decide how to conduct the follow-up and what info to give. Keep in mind that these leads might be your future clients.

With appropriate follow-up, there are higher chances of better ROI. A vital aspect of the follow-up process itself is how to generate the leads and questions to ask during their acquisition. Detailed follow-up requires this information. It will make it much more fruitful.

As you now know, four factors will help exhibitors to achieve their trade show goals – setting a clear objective, booth design and location, staff preparation, and follow-up. A successful exhibiting experience requires a lot of planning. Everything is important. Small details are what differentiate a special exhibition from an ordinary one. You need to invest a lot of time and money in exhibiting at trade shows, but if done right, soon we will see the products of our work.

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