Tips for Event And Trade Show Speakers to Deliver the Best Experience

Tips for Event And Trade Show Speakers to Deliver the Best Experience

There is no doubt that trade show speakers have a lot on their plate when preparing to speak at a live event or a virtual event. Even veteran speakers have to go over their method of approaching the audience and the subject matter carefully. With the pandemic forcing all events to go virtual, trade show speakers now have the added responsibility to cater to a global audience all while ensuring they deliver a memorable presentation.

Suffice to say, it is not easy. No matter how much you prepare, there are things you forget, and topics you have to conjure out of thin air. As an event speaker, you must deliver the best experience to your audience. 

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We at AladdinB2B, approached our expert trade show speakers to get some advice on how to deliver this experience, so we can put them out here to help you.

Event & trade show speakers should prepare their materials thoroughly

Much of this is relative. It depends on the subject matter of the trade show speaker. You need to work on your posture, your body language, and how you are going to show emotion and emphasis through your body rather than your words.

You will also need to have a good grasp of the subject material as well as how and where within the session are you going to interject specific information. The knowledge of delivering information at the correct point makes for a far greater impact than just throwing it out randomly.

Lastly, if you have a Q&A session, you should be able to predict in advance what the questions can be. You need to answer the questions in a way your audience is satisfied with the response. Therefore, being a trade show speaker, you must brush up on your knowledge of the subject matter.

Trade show speakers should keep your audience engaged

Audience engagement

Audiences are fickle. If you, being a trade show speaker, are unable to keep them interested, then before you know it, they’ll be slacking off, checking their phones, yawning, and might start to log out of your event.

You don’t ever want to be that person who cannot keep their audience engaged. It is not a nice feeling. So, what do you do?

Well, assuming it’s a virtual event, you can make use of cutting-edge engagement software that helps to interact with your audience. You don’t need to just rely on Q&A sessions to keep your audience engaged, but you should use interactive tools to ask the audience their opinions and thoughts. By giving them nifty tools to play around with, you ensure they cannot be bored.

Plus, as a trade show speaker, you can structure your voice, your pitch, and your pauses to resonate with the audience. Pausing for dramatic effects, or using methodical ways to talk, can keep your audience interested throughout the event. This is an aspect of a speaker that takes practice and experience so start learning.

Dress for the occasion

Whether you are on a stage or delivering your presentation sitting behind a screen, you still need to dress up and look good. Throw on an outfit that matches the theme of your presentation which will allow you to exude confidence from your expressions, body language, and your words.

Dressing up also puts you in the rind mindset and mood to deliver your presentation. Plus, it also allows the audience to be mentally attentive and focused if you are looking sharp. It is a two-way street.

You might think that dressing up just to stand and talk is quite pedestrian to be included here, but trust us, it is not. It’s a proven technique for trade show speakers to deliver a successful speech.  If you want the audience to take your words to heart, you need to show them that you yourself are invested. And the best way to deliver a great first impression is by dressing to kill.

Speak to the camera

As a trade show speaker, conducting a virtual presentation, there is no way you can maintain eye contact with everyone. So, get creative! Imagine you are speaking to a single person who is standing in place of the camera. Focus on the camera and no one else.

Train your eyes to stay on the camera and not what is going on in your surroundings. Imagine developing an emotional connection with the camera which will then allow you to maintain the engagement and quality of your presentation and connect with your virtual audience at the same time.

A successful trade show is always driven by a smart trade show speaker who knows how to keep the audience interested. Check out some more secrets behind the success of virtual trade shows.

Don’t forget to have fun

As a trade show speaker, you have a lot of pressure on your shoulders to deliver the best experience to your audience. So do not hesitate to crack a joke or two to lighten the atmosphere. In reality, it’s a great idea to have some anecdotes or wordplay relevant to your topic prepared beforehand so you can let them loose during the presentation.

Seeing you having fun on the stage will allow the audience to enjoy the show too. Otherwise, if you are stiff and monotonous, the audience will quickly start to lose interest. So don’t hesitate to move around, have fun and lighten up the room. This will showcase your professionalism and help the audience assimilate your topics easily.

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