Where Is The Trade Show Industry Headed In 2021?

Where Is The Trade Show Industry Headed In 2021?

No one can predict precisely the future with confidence; among many people, the business-related industry is also wondering where the trade show industry’s future is headed.

The trade shows’ primary purpose is to facilitate the business organization in B2B meetings and interactions between brands and consumers in a physical environment. It enables business companies to sell their product or service to a specific target audience at the trade show, where consumers actively search for opportunities. But due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, people were forced to change their behavior by avoiding human interaction and taking preventive measures issued by the government.

So, what does the future of the trade shows industry look like after an unprecedented year in 2020? Many companies have transferred to a remote operation and changed to a virtual way of interacting with clients and consumers. As a result, by digitizing the international B2B trade industry, there will be impressive improvements in the business exhibitors to market their products/services at trade shows in 2021 and beyond. The following are some of the event patterns that companies should prepare to see at trade shows that will help them meet the right business connections they need to expand.

Virtual or Hybrid Trade Show Experiences

Business trade shows went virtual in response to the current pandemic situation, this will continue to be the new norm. Along with the virtual trade show, it comes with a hybrid model with in-person and virtual activities, and marketers must think about and focus on creating an integrated experience. Hybrid activities, for the enthusiastic, combine the benefits of in-person events with planned virtual appearance with year-round online availability and the capability to engage leads in a content marketing strategy.

According to Bizzabo’s stats, 80% of event organizers enabled on-demand for their virtual sessions this year. This implies new challenges for companies in balancing these experiences. 

Flexibility and effective teamwork communication are crucial for making a hybrid or virtual trade show successful. Attendees may choose to attend in person or virtually. Instead of being the exception, the hybrid model could become a new standard in the trade show industry. It will serve many companies in the industry and help bridge towards a business return, which will be more predictable in 2021 and the year after. Many people who couldn’t afford to fly because of extra out-of-pocket expenses will get a chance to attend because travel expenses are not required.

Technology Aspect in Trade Shows

Utilizing innovative technology before the rest of the trade industry is one of the most appealing elements of trade shows. To gain a successful trade show, use cutting-edge technologies and practices. In 2021, you can anticipate the digital transformation of trade shows with even more cool gadgets and designs, especially in the field of the B2B market.

Technology will transform almost every aspect of your exhibition program. And it’s already begun; in today’s trade shows, interactive environments with self-help counters have become common. Attendees no longer have to wait for the essential information to find what they’re looking for in today’s web-based environment. This type of trade show experience can accelerate the digital transformation.

Marketers are getting maximum B2B Leads from Virtual Trade Shows

As virtual events strengthen with lots of benefits over physical ones, results can track leads, quantitatively measure event performance, and gain event ROI with better statistics. Therefore, event marketers remain focused on providing visitors with a personalized experience in post-event follow-ups. Companies send contrived content to visitors or attendees based on information they collected at the event. Since gathered reports from the event will show which individual interacted with which B2B trade company, sharing relevant material with them during a follow-up becomes simple and attains the best B2B lead generation in contrast to in-person events.

This follow-up approach would rely heavily on higher value call-to-actions — provided that the content is relevant for the attendees. Although monitoring activity during the virtual event is also an option, event hosts may also perform polls and surveys and collect comprehensive information at registration to gather enough data about their attendees to develop a personalized follow-up plan.

Opt for Creative Marketing Space for Trade Show

It could be some time when trade shows can comfortably accommodate tens of thousands of people again. But now, in 2021, limited and more oriented trade shows would most likely become the norm. So in this circumstance, instead of marketing to the entire industry, events should cater to specifically targeted niche markets to keep crowd sizes under control. It also benefits business attendees in connecting new leads and getting potential clients in B2B delivery service in the future within their industry. Follow Aladdin B2B to keep an eye out for new event announcements and plans about pursuing B2B niche markets.

Using new strategies and tools, we must place ourselves in positions to reach upcoming trade shows. Everyone is eager to increase marketing impact and profits after the lengthy business shut down, so don’t forget to review all these new resources to get maximum engagements.

Though in-person event restrictions will be lifted gradually, it will limit events in size and will not return to normal instantly. Therefore, limiting the number of people who have time to meet the respective delegation at the venue for the B2B meeting. However, this could be good news for some exhibitors. The invitations will give those who have a sincere interest in your industry, allowing you to find more qualified leads.

AladdinB2B is the leading meeting and matchmaking technology provider for the trade show industry in 2021. We will assist you if your trade show exhibition isn’t ready for the future. We have everything you need, whether it’s a digital, hybrid, or in-person event. Under the current global circumstances, the trade show industry is shifting to digital. Aladdin digitizes your trade shows for an optimal solution with a digital trade show application. We also provide a lead generation with a vast business profile database to promote the event and attract more visitors. So plan to digitize your next event? Get in touch with a Genie today.