Business Matching Platform

Matchmaking is an add-on to the trade show, a supplementary and innovative tool that can be used to increase the attendees experience and provide measurable ROI for the exhibitors, sponsors and participants. Increasing the dynamics of the trade show and the participants networking opportunities facilitates new business relationships and creates a more successful and dynamic trade show. 
B2B matchmaking platform give you the opportunity to organize meetings with other attendees that share the same passions that you have. With technology on our side, we are able to connect you to a number of attendees, sponsors or VIPs that are looking for similar opportunities.
It all starts with Aladdin’s b2b matchmaking platform that analyses data from the companies and attendees and pairs people together. One of the key elements to making the right match is pairing the goals of the attendees and the companies. Finding the synergies through data analysis provides an opportunity to deliver the best networking options and a matchmaking experience and ultimately creating business connections with meaning. 
With matchmaking tools we can increase your connections with technology driven matchmaking software. You will get to network with the right people who you want to meet with and can put that idle chit-chat to the side. When you are meeting with a purpose you have things to talk about and share which creates that natural comfort for good quality interactions.
AladdinB2B’s calculated matching process sorts companies into specific subcategories to create a systemized selection process. Rather than general terms, we use detail to understand what both parties desire and what they offer. To make a potential match, specifics are required.  Our defined systems and team of experts arrange maximum meetings to take place during trade shows. With a decade of experience, AladdinB2B has formulated the most effective methodology in systems and matchmaking. This is how we creates highly qualified meetings for trade shows.