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We want to change the world of B2B Trade through the advancement of technology. We welcome individuals with a fresh perspective and a winning attitude. We are a young, happy, and motivated masterminds team. Our team is located all around the globe: USA, UAE, France, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Africa, Lebanon, Canada, and Australia, forming an international alliance and bringing different cultures and prospects to the table.

As Aladdin was born through innovation, you will notice originality and forward-thinking in all aspects of our company, from the outside looking in. We do not operate by traditional management styles, hence we are looking for well-organized, self-managed candidates that thrive independently just as well as with a team.

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What Gives Aladdin the Chance to Takeover the Trade Show Industry For Many Generations of Technology and Events to Come?

The seven Key Values we look for in a candidate:

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1. Loyalty

You believe in Aladdin and stick out the good and tough times. You are strong-willed and refuse to back down to challenges or setbacks. You are committed to Aladdin and fellow Genies and understand that we are a strong unit.

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2. Dependability

If you say you will do something, you will deliver on time. You make wise decisions despite ambiguity. You identify the root of the problem and act upon the optimal solution. You think strategically and can articulate what you will and won’t do. You calculate what is to be done now and what can be done later.

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3. High-Performance

You go the extra mile. You have the ability to work under pressure, meet timely deadlines and work long hours. You are fast-paced and complete your tasks at only the highest of standards.

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4. Mindset

You believe in Aladdin and stick out the good and tough times. You are strong-willed and refuse to back down to challenges or setbacks. You are committed to Aladdin and fellow Genies and understand that we are a strong unit.

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5. Innovation

We are all about BIG ideas and executing them. You think outside the box with a fresh perspective and forward-thinking. We dream big and bring ideas to life. We love smart people and we welcome innovative ideas, speak up and share your thoughts.

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6. Freedom with Responsibility

You are granted freedom and entrusted responsibility. You are a motivated self-starter without the need for constant supervision. You will fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to you and deliver. We are a self-managed team working with OKRs (Objectives and key results) we do not pay you for for your time or hours, we pay you for what you do with the hours, be innovative, and use your time wisely

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7. Faith & Unity

You hold firm belief in Aladdin’s Mission and Vision. Together, we strongly believe that Aladdin will become the Global Leader of B2B Trade and Transaction. We are restless to change the world of B2B trade and we want to lead the way, we do that when we are all strong and believe in one common goal.

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Aladdin is innovating the Trade Show industry through the latest and greatest technologies.

Now more than ever, trade show organizers need to adapt to current trends to stay in the game. The shift to digital allows events to break through spatial barriers; reach a global audience, maximize ROI and enhance B2B interaction.

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AladdinB2B is a leading provider of B2B matchmaking + meeting technologies for trade events. Through the application of innovative technology and years of industry knowledge, the team at Aladdin has established an optimal solution for Trade Event performance. Organizers look to Aladdin for data collection, matchmaking, scheduling and conducting meetings, trade tools, and follow-up. 

Headquartered in the United States with regional offices operating in the UAE, Aladdin proudly serves trade show organizers across the world. 

Aladdin’s mission is simple: To facilitate highly-qualified, location-based, B2B meetings for everyone, everywhere, leading to transactions.


We are available to offer a free initial consultation within 24 hours

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