Packed with Magical Features

Access to a powerful business network with cutting edge features that drives success

We have created a “smart” business network, blending advanced technology with human intelligence. It automatically matches suppliers and buyers, giving both the tools they need to come together and close mutually beneficial deals.

Brand your user experience

As a client, you license our platform on a white label basis. Add your own corporate logos, URLs, and colours in just a few clicks. Run a standalone AladdinB2B system branded as “your” solution without any complex IT integrations.

Instant reach to any key decision-maker across the network

Request meetings with any participants quickly and easily. Organize agendas and goals automatically in advance. View all the participant’s contacts to expand your prospecting and gain referrals.

Full API integrations

For advanced applications, you can licence our online solution and integrate it directly into your existing applications via API calls, enabling the design of a completely bespoke package.

Simple sign up. Create your platform in a few easy steps

Our “Plug and Play” approach helps you to follow a simple process to set up your white label platform, ready for personalisation.

Professional support

You will have access to a dedicated IT team for support and platform maintenance. For event organizers and managers, customer support is available before, during and after your events to ensure your attendees and exhibitors receive the best experience.

Indoor maps (including offline)

We know that physically finding your agreed meeting point in large expo venues or conference centres can be a challenge. AladdinB2B leverages the latest technology to guide you to your meeting place, even with the non-existent or slow wifi and mobile data connections common in large events.

Our indoor maps solution works on or offline, making sure you or your delegates arrive at the right place at the right time, and stress-free.

Import your existing contact lists, or let us build one for you

If you already have a network in place, it’s a simple process to import your contacts into AladdinB2B. If you’re building a network from scratch, or you only have a limited number of contacts, let our system populate it for you with high-quality, highly-relevant decision makers.


AladdinB2B features a simple yet comprehensive dashboard with at-a-glance status reports for your projects, meetings, and matches, as well as follow up reminders.

Unlimited matching possibilities

Our proprietary matching systems will present you with high-quality pre-qualified leads with direct relevance to your industry. We have designed a huge range of comprehensive algorithms that come together in your unique “Business Potential Analyzer” (BPA). This powerful tool automates the search for highly relevant prospects, be they potential clients or customers, suppliers, or co-shopping partners.

Access comprehensive profiles on each match, and quickly assess the strengths of your prospect using our inbuilt rating system.

Products and services browser

AladdinB2B carries full databases of both HS and UN codes for products and services worldwide. Our system combines these in one easy-to-use service, allowing you to search for prospects by both product/service name and code. This reduces your research time massively when needing to target narrow product categories for your sales efforts.