Frequently Asked Questions

The credentials used in our matchmaking process work by combining specifically detailed information about each company, as well as their requirements for a meeting. AladdinB2B technologies are formulated to create highly qualified meetings through defined algorithms and data collected about each client. The match is delivered by inputting hundreds of subcategories within each category and industry, executive position, and location. Three levels of filtering are performed to achieve maximum desired results.

We have two options to use the app, before and during the show:

1 – We import pre-registered visitors into the system to match them with their counterparts (this way, they can pre-schedule their meetings).

2 – We add walk-in or last-minute arrivals. We have encountered and solved this problem before. They can schedule their meetings during the show, and these will usually be scheduled the first day for days 2 and 3, and 70% chance they can get meetings with decision-makers the first day.

For example, if visitors didn’t register online but show up for registration, we take their information and enter it into our real-time system.

If there is no registration system or isn’t linked with ours through API, our team sets it up next to the registration desk. They collect information and help visitors to find what they need.

Use case: You are a visitor. You walk in and register. Next to the registration desk is the matchmaking desk (our team). We offer to help you set up meetings during the show. You say you’re looking for a coffee supplier. We add the info into our system, which matches you with VIP exhibitors who sell coffee.

We tell you there are 30 suppliers and offer to set up meetings with all of them. If yes, we set everything up and print an agenda, and we even escort you to their stand. The exhibitors are notified that potential buyers have just booked a meeting on the app. We will also provide reminders. Continuous reminders and human support are key to our success and make us unique compared to our competitors.

The good news is we have an army of 10+ people who have done this job many times. They will be on the floor during your show. They arrange as many meetings between visitors and exhibitors as they can.
No, we are a Trade App for Trade Shows, conferences, and business events. We focus on real ROI through tested and scientific matchmaking, Meetings portal, RFQ portal, follow-up, and other tools that help the trade occur. We integrate with Event Management partners, and we can provide a fully integrated solution.
There is no limit, really. Our system can cater to 500,000 attendees, and we have done thousands of meetings over 3-4 days of trade shows.
Yes. You are our customer and our priority. Our system can be customized and branded as per your brand guidelines. We can customize our system to reflect the branding colors, logo, etc., so the user can log in to the matchmaking and meeting app from your website without feeling they have changed the platform.
That’s why our clients love us; we have 3 types of support our competitors do not have:

1- Call center support, our team of matchmaking and appointment setters experts to arrange meetings for your VIP exhibitors and make sure they have a minimum number of qualified meetings; if we take care of your customers, we take care of you.

2- technical support with a world-class ticketing system, real-time chat, and a hotline for any technical issues; we also send technical support to be at your event if required.

3- On-ground support, A team of presentable, welcoming young professionals who will meet-greet and escort the VIP buyers to their meetings at the booth or their dedicated meeting table.
Yes, we do. Analysis and reporting are some of our sustainable competitive advantages that we give extra attention to. The organizer has a dedicated dashboard for each event/trade show. The Exhibitor has a dedicated dashboard of who views their page, number of matches, meetings, etc. The visitors have a simple dashboard.

We also provide a comprehensive post-show report to help the organizer justify ROI, and calculate cost per meeting. We also collect questionnaires if required after the show and report success stories, i.e., signed the contract after the trade show, closed deals, successful matchmaking lead into partnership, etc.
It depends on the number of meetings and VIPs agendas that require escorting; in some events, we had an army of 27+ people making sure the meetings are taking place on time, and our support team goes the extra mile to escort them to the meeting.

How do you charge?
We charge per user, and for large events, we customize our prices.
Yes, we keep the portal open for 2 weeks after the event for free to make sure we maximize the matchmaking and meetings between your trade show attendance, so they get the highest ROI and come back next year.
Ideally, 8-12 weeks, but we manage to deliver shows on short notice, we are very good at it.
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Aladdin is innovating the Trade Show industry through the latest and greatest technologies.

Now more than ever, trade show organizers need to adapt to current trends to stay in the game. The shift to digital allows events to break through spatial barriers; reach a global audience, maximize ROI and enhance B2B interaction.