The 360° Solution

The 360° Solution

White-Label Aladdin Portal

Aladdin Matchmaking Portal is ready to be white-labeled for your event, allowing your participants and exhibitors to browse through an extensive database of potential matches, filter by industry, location and size.

Guests can request meetings with whom they wish to meet and respond to meeting offers extended to them. Aladdin takes care of the scheduling based on their availability and distributes Meetings Agendas to all participants. Participants can access their up-to-date Meeting Agenda on the online portal.

Guest Engagement increases through the active portal, allowing attendees to receive show updates and news in real-time. The Portal is customized to match your event theme, colors, and logos.
Uraiqat Architects meeting SICURO
David Aderounmu with Ahram Security Group

Matchmaking & Meetings

Aladdin optimizes carefully designed algorithms to create highly-qualified matches to take place at your event. Through detailed data-collection, event participants receive a customized list of potential matches based on their requirements. Companies are divided into subcategories within each industry to create only the perfect match.

Call Center Team

Aladdin Call Center Team comes from a business matchmaking and sales background. They are on duty to follow up, send reminders, and answer attendees to maximize guest experience and meeting show-rate. Aside from an automated Meetings Agenda sent systematically to participants before the show, the Aladdin team of professionals provides the personal touch of calling participants to remind them of their meeting’s location and time. This added feature by Aladdin results in increased engagement and show-rate for meetings. We don’t just schedule the meetings; our job is not complete until the meeting is.
SICURO b2b partnership Uraiqat Architects
Uraiqat Architects and Ahram Security Group

On-Ground Team

For in-person events, the Aladdin On-Ground Team is positioned on-site to escort participants to their desired location personally. We know trade event venues are massive, so to make it easier for your guests, the Aladdin team of professionals is ready to guide guests to their meetings, conveniently and quickly. Equipped with complete data, the team can promptly access which conference is where and at what time, in case your guest isn’t sure where they need to be. This gesture enhances the guest experience and ensures that meetings are taking place as scheduled. At the same time, VIP Buyers and VIP exhibitors feel that they have been well-taken care of, increasing the retention rate for future shows.

Trade Tools

Aladdin provides the tools to pre-qualify an opportunity before meeting face-to-face, allowing buyers to save money and exhibitors to make more, all while reducing customer acquisition cost.
Jada for Steel Manufacturing
Customer Acquisition - Trade show benefits

Aladdin is innovating the Trade Show industry through the latest and greatest technologies.

Now more than ever, trade show organizers need to adapt to current trends to stay in the game. The shift to digital allows events to break through spatial barriers; reach a global audience, maximize ROI and enhance B2B interaction.