Solutions Partner Program Policies

This policies page is an easy guide to define the processes and policies related to the program. All participants in the Solutions Partner Program are required to agree to the Solutions Partner Program Agreement and remain in compliance with these terms as part of the Agreement.

Partner Level

Note: Terms used but not defined in this document have the meanings set forth in the AladdinB2B Inc. Solutions Partner Program Agreement (ASPPA).

Revenue Share and Payment:

  • To receive revenue share (commissions) you have earned when your registered domains/customers purchase AladdinB2B, you must complete the appropriate paperwork.
  • You can fill out and submit your form within your partner portal. A step-by-step guide can be found here.
  • If you are located in a region where your customer commissions may be subject to VAT/GST, you will need to submit a VAT/GST invoice every quarter to receive your commissions. Invoices should be emailed to [email protected].
  • Revenue share payments are paid out on a quarterly basis. If you do not provide the required paperwork within 6 months immediately following the close of a Qualified Transaction, those revenue share payments will be forfeited. Please review Section 4 of the ASPPA for more information on Revenue Share and Payment.
  • Once a Qualified Transaction is finalized, you become eligible for Partner Revenue Share, which is as follows:
  • If you are a Solutions Partner, you will enjoy a 20% revenue share on recurring net revenue from qualified transactions involving Aladdin Software and subscriptions, along with a 5% share from selling Aladdin services that require human resources, such as appointment setters or call center services. This commission is guaranteed for the lifetime of your partnership, ensuring continuous earnings as long as you remain a partner. If the partnership ends, commission payments will cease.
  • If you are a Solutions Provider, you will receive a 20% revenue share on the net revenue from qualified transactions selling Aladdin Software and subscriptions, and 5% from selling Aladdin services that require human resources, such as appointment setters or call center services, and is paid for one year only.

Register Your Current and Prospective Client Domains:

  • You will need to register current or prospective client domains within your Partner Portal to be eligible for revenue share when you sell AladdinB2B to that domain/company.
  • Domain registration is intended for your current and prospective clients only. Partners should only register domains with which they have established a demonstrable business relationship and are actively engaging in pursuit of a sale.
  • Each accepted registration will expire three months (90 days) from the date the prospect was registered. If you are actively pursuing a prospect and the registration has expired, you may re-register the prospect manually for another thirty (30) days.
  • Your domain registration capacity is determined by your genie partnership tier level. Capacity levels are subject to change at AladdinB2B’s discretion.
    • SuperStar Genie Partner: 180 clients
    • Diamond Genie Partner: 60 clients
    • Platinum Genie Partner: 20 clients
    • Gold Genie Partner: 10 clients
    • Partner Genie: 5 clients
  • It is important to maintain the appropriate capacity. You may be suspended or previously registered and accepted domains may no longer be eligible for revenue share if you are above your capacity limits.

Two Options for Deal Registration:

  1. Manual Registration: Send the domain of the potential clients you wish to register to the Aladdin team and wait for approval on the deal.
  2. Deal Form Registration: Partners can choose to use deal registration as another way to register domains. When a partner creates a shared deal through deal form registration, the system automatically attempts to register the domain for that deal to the partner. If the domain is available, it will register the domain to the partner. If the domain/client is already registered, meaning it is not available, it means either an AladdinB2B direct sales rep owns the domain or another partner has the deal. In both cases, we will notify the partner. Therefore, ideally, the partner should register the potential clients they intend to speak with before putting in any real effort.
  • Please note that rules around tier credit and commission eligibility do not change with deal registration and are still based on domain/client ownership. For relevant terms on registration and eligibility requirements, please see “Section 3: Qualified Transactions” in the ASPPA.
  • It is important to familiarize yourself with the following AladdinB2B Solutions Partner Program Sales Rules (this includes detailed processes for how to pursue domains that are not eligible for registration).

Channel Account Manager Genie (AMG):

  • Every solution partner is assigned an account manager (AMG), who is your primary sales contact at AladdinB2B. Your AMG can assist you with sales coaching, your go-to-market strategy, and with co-selling AladdinB2B software alongside you.
  • Each AMG works with a group of solutions partners and carries a monthly AladdinB2B software sales quota. Deals you sell with your AMG contribute to your AMG’s quota attainment each month.
  • Please note that as both AladdinB2B and our partners grow, at times we may need to reassign a different AMG to work with you. Reassignments can happen for several reasons, such as your AMG taking on a new role at AladdinB2B or to rebalance the number of partners each AMG works with at the start of a year. Reassignments are not made lightly, and we take measures to reduce the frequency with which any partner gets reassigned to a new AMG.

Growth Specialist Genie (GS) – AladdinB2B Direct:

  • A GSG is on AladdinB2B’s direct sales team. GSGs are assigned a geographical sales territory and can either sell directly to prospects and customers or collaborate with partners to sell AladdinB2B software.

Understand Program Entry Requirements:

  • Partner Level: To become an AladdinB2B Solutions Partner, you need to purchase at least one subscription to an AladdinB2B Professional Product (Event Hub Professional, Meeting Hub Professional). If your subscription with AladdinB2B is no longer active, you will be removed from the program.
  • Why? We find that partners who use our software are the most successful at selling their services tied to it. We want all of our partners to be set up for success, which is why we’ve made this a program requirement.

Training & Certifications Requirements:

  • We have a number of training and certifications available as part of the Solutions Partner program, located in AladdinB2B Academy under Partner training.
  • To publish your profile in the Partner Directory, you must pass a minimum of one AladdinB2B Partners Certification.
  • To become a tiered Solution Partner, you must pass and maintain the Partner Certification.
  • Certain training and certifications unlock additional opportunities under the program.

Stay Up to Date with the Program:

  • Visit Aladdin Academy regularly and complete all courses and certifications to learn more about the system.


  • If you are located in a region where your customer commissions may be subject to VAT/GST, you will need to submit a VAT/GST invoice every quarter to receive your commissions.

Promote Your Partnership:

  • You are able to promote your partnership through your certification or tier badge.
  • Please note that AladdinB2B and INBOUND are trademarked terms. Guidelines for using these terms are located in the AladdinB2B guidelines.