PalletPal Enterprise Case-Study

PalletPal is a premier technology freight forwarder in MENA, offering end-to-end solutions for efficient cross-border cargo movement with a network of 50+ global partners. The user-friendly platform, ensures a hassle-free shipping experience from point A to B, providing clients with complete visibility, regular updates, and a centralized documentation database. PalletPal is pioneering the transformation of the shipping industry in the MENA region, simplifying logistics, and focusing on speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.



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Gabriel Jabbour
Gabriel Jabbour,
Trade Commissioner at the Consulate General of Canada in Dubai
“The collaboration between Aladdin and TCS opened doors to industry-specific matchmaking. Canadian companies were able to connect with international counterparts who shared common interests foster collaborations that address specific challenges, and capitalize on emerging opportunities within their respective sectors.”