Structured B2B meetings

Structured B2B meetings

Why do so many people attend business events? Easy. It’s the number one way for professionals to explore business and trade opportunities. Except, traditional methods of B2B are anything but easy. You go to an event with the hopes of meeting the right connection. You browse around, visit all different stands and talk to multiple people, trying to figure out if they have what you’re looking for. Leaving the outcome up to chance.

What we just described is the way trade events have been for centuries – but come on, we’re living in the digital age. There’s no need to depend on old methods of trade.

Technology has advanced – from the way we communicate to the way we shop to the way we learn – technology plays a big role in our everyday lives; But why hasn’t this phenomenon fully transformed the B2B realm?

Meet Aladdin.

Technology is the future. The future of trade, the future of meeting, and the future of transaction. B2B platforms such as Aladdin is the digital transformation of the business world.

With the right technology, business deals can be done easier, better, faster. Aladdin uses technology to create highly personalized, live experiences.

With structured B2B meetings, you can achieve the most out of trade events.

Find the right connections, determine business potential before a meeting, and create transactions – all in one platform. With Aladdin, you don’t need to leave it up to chance.
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Aladdin is innovating the Trade Show industry through the latest and greatest technologies.

Now more than ever, trade show organizers need to adapt to current trends to stay in the game. The shift to digital allows events to break through spatial barriers; reach a global audience, maximize ROI and enhance B2B interaction.