The revolutionary matchmaking event for motor enthusiasts

Event Type: Festival
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 08-14th JAN 2022
Industry: Automotive
Organizer: SCEGA | ACE Expos

2022 saw a massive motoring Festival which took place in Riyadh-Dirab Motor Park within Saudi Arabia. International motorsport enthusiasts had the opportunity to sample a taste of an unforgettable experience. The motor show offered a week of interactive activities led by motorsport celebrities and experts, live-action events, and concerts.

With 1.7 million s.m. of land, there was more than enough room for business meetings. After-sales Pavilion was a space dedicated to B2B and B2C partners. The exhibitors who wanted to showcase their latest products and services to customers and suppliers could connect through the Aladdin B2B app.

Aladdin matchmaking meetings platform enabled their powerful app exclusively for VIP buyers, who could browse the guest list to find companies of interest and request meetings from those who were part of the VIP Buyers’ program.

Autoville searched for alternatives to the traditional motor show, so their requirements were interactive activities and solutions. Aladdin B2B ticked all the boxes leading the way for business-to business technology, contributing to the festival trade success.

"Autoville adds tremendous value to the national exhibition and conference industry, having attracted some major investors in event organization, automobiles, and automobile accessories. "
Amjad Bin Essam Shaker,
Chief Executive Officer of the SCEGA
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Renowned Automotive Brands
The challenge: Three weeks window for a massive project execution

ACE Expos, the event organizers reached out to the Aladdin B2B team with two main constraints.

1. To increase the number of Autoville VIPs attendees.
2. Arrange meetings for them within three weeks.

With obvious restrictions for international travels due to the pandemic, as well as Public Holidays in December, there was limited time for us to deliver the project with the quality that is expected from AladdinB2B. However, our company has a notable history of knocking challenges out of the park.

With no time to waste, Aladdin team created a white-label mobile and desktop app for Autoville. This was followed by the appointment-setter team who built a match-list of VIP buyers based in Saudi Arabia from scratch. It allowed the launch of an email campaign to invite VIPs buyers and to send app access to the attendees. Before the event began, a team headed by Arabic speakers ran a calling campaign to qualify meetings and confirm attendance.

The first challenge we faced was to double the efforts on the calling campaign due to last-minute cancellations.

The on-site staff management was at the premises to handle the day to day and to oversee the project. They made sure that all pre-arranged meetings were conducted. The on-site team was tasked with guiding the attendees to the VIP Buyers Lounge. On a layout of 1.7 million s.m. It was quite easy for first time attendees to get lost and lose out on their scheduled meetings. Therefore VIP buyers and attendees had a dedicated escorting team in charge to meet, greet and guide them to the stand.

The solution

With hard work and technical expertise combined, Aladdin B2B’s genies rocked their performance in the motoring festival by confirming 90 VIPs, scheduling 788 meetings through the AladdinB2B app and achieving 129% of the target. The high-accuracy results were obtained through our fully automated B2B event platform, which provides a detailed after-event report for the organizers. The data obtained from after-event reports allows exhibitors and organizers to measure their ROI and the impact of their efforts. Our Event Hub offers a unique matchmaking & meetings formula for event success, which has been proven its value over the last 16 years.

Furthermore, or in-house database holds the largest assortment of VIP information within Saudi Arabia, allowing any business that partners up with us to get easy access to all the information they need to schedule high-quality B2B meetings. This has been an amazing opportunity for us to prove that our powerful database in the MENA region is leading the market.

"Aladdin b2b provided a customized service for us, they had not only the technology, the context, the networking tools but also the personnel staffing to provide the service that we needed. "
Deep Kumar,
Managing Partner at HBG events
Over 500 meetings were scheduled through the Aladdin Matchmaking Portal within three days! Our ground team contributed to the event success by assisting exhibitors and VIP buyers who were part of the VIP Buyers Programme. The team made sure participants had access to the AladdinB2B matchmaking app while supervising they showed up on time to their meetings.
AladdinB2B’s CEO Alaa Ismail, was invited to participate in Dubai Active Startup Talks, a panel discussion where he shared his entrepreneurial experience as the founder of two successful companies. Alaa addressed the subject of how to survive and thrive as startup in the Middle East along with M Strategy Global’s Angel Investor Mandar Joshi, Nathan Kwon, the Senior Investment Professional at Shorooq Partners, Welltech Ventures CO-founder Amir Alroy, and MeFitPro CEO Greg Boucher.
AladdinB2B demonstrated its ability to compel startups within the health and fitness industry to reach their
fullest potential. And this was achieved through none other than The Drapper Aladdin Startup Challenge.
The DASC is a high-stakes competition that is sponsored by Draper Associates and AladdinB2B to engage with ideas that are pitched by startups. The ones with the most innovative idea get to take home the prize of up to $500,000.
Fitlov, with its innovative app which allows you to find a tailormade fitness program based on your needs, won the competition with their breath-taking pitch!
"We appreciate the stamp, the recognition that it means and I believe even if you look to other markets, not just the UAE we can benefit a lot from the network of Draper Aladdin"
Alberto Pardo,
Fitlov Founder & CEO