AladdinB2B completed the 4th
B2B Hosted Buyers Programme in Egypt

Event Type: Trade Show
Location: EIEC, Egypt 30 OCT – 1 NOV 2022
Industry: Energy & Renewable Energy
Organizer: Informa markets

Egypt Energy is one of the most recognized energy events held in North Africa, under the patronage of the Ministry of electricity and Renewable Energy. The event has been held annually for the last 30 years to help to introduce new energy products, connect B2B and expand the region’s energy market in Egypt and MEA.

The concept behind Egypt Energy is to create inspiration among the attendees (visitors and exhibitors) that can lead to development, innovation and sustainability to improve the global energy crisis. They sought out and partnered with AladdinB2B to achieve their initiative.

This time around, Informa markets organizers decided to switch to digital alternatives for their show such as using QR codes instead of printed badges. Thus for the first time in 30 years, Egypt Energy introduced matchmaking & meeting technology at their event thanks to AladdinB2B. Our team assisted in connecting suppliers and manufacturers with buyers through the matchmaking Aladdin app.

The Hosted Buyer Programme work process

This is not the rst time that Informa Markets Egypt trusted AladdinB2B to deliver successful face-to-face networking opportunities through an exclusive Hosted Buyers Programme.

Being our recurring client, we have also worked with them previously on other exhibitions including Africa Food Manufacturing, Pharmaconex, and Sahara, catering to various sectors such as F&B, pharma, agriculture, and energy.

The expertise of the AladdinB2B team in managing the Hosted Buyers Programme enhanced the results of the meetings held at Egypt energy. Furthermore, it was the first time the organizers introduced the B2B matchmaking technology into the Programme powered by AladdinB2B.

The Aladdin app matched exhibitors’ and visitors’ profiles based on their requirements to pre-schedule their meetings before the exhibition. This platform was exclusively for senior-level authorities, decision makers and infuencers with direct purchasing powers and only selected exhibitors.

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The Aladdin B2B on-ground support team helped at the event to remind both parties to attend their meetings and to
ensure all the scheduled meetings occurred on time.

Sara Eldemerdash, Head of Marketing at Informa Markets Egypt, was highly satisfied with our performance.

Sara Eldemerdash,
Head of Marketing at Informa Markets Egypt
“We have had a partnership with AladdinB2B for almost a year now across four of our shows in Egypt. They helped us a lot to uplift and upgrade our on-site experience for our exhibitors and visitors. We are very happy and we look forward to more partnerships with them in the future.”

The Hosted Buyers Programme was largely positive. Overall a total of 30 VIP buyers from seven different nationalities visited Egypt Energy to have high-quality meetings with prospective partners, resulting in 247 b2b meetings conducted.

The introduction of digital solutions such as the Aladdin matchmaking app led the event to become a huge success.

“The AladdinB2B app was very simple, easy to access and very helpful. We are honestly very happy with the results, with the setup and the way it was organized. ” Sol Soufan, Sales and Marketing Executive at Tenka Solar.

AladdinB2B has now developed a strong foothold in Egypt and we will continue to expand our services in Egypt come next year!

“The matchmaking program for our exhibition is an integral part of the offering we do for exhibitors and visitors, it provides added value for both parties and helps with closing more deals on a larger scale. AladdinB2B has helped much with this, they were covering everything from scratch. The process was awless, the team on-ground was very responsive, and everything was covered perfectly.”
Kareem Emara,
Senior Marketing Manager at Informa Markets

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