Nurturing Business Relationships: AladdinB2Bs Partnership with Jetro for effective business matchmaking and business set-up

Event Type: Corporate Government Project
Location: Hybrid
Industry: Diverse
Organizer: Jetro

JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) is one of the biggest government-affiliated organizations in Japan. Their aim is to ensure mutual trade and investment between Japanese organizations and businesses with the rest of the world.

JETRO’s goals include assisting Small and Medium Sized Organizations (SMEs) in Japan to enable them to tap into the wider foreign market by facilitating business partnerships while contributing to the overall economic growth of Japan.

Our Partnership: Unlocking opportunities for Japanese companies to expand their network in UAE
AladdinB2B first met JETRO in 2021 during Gitex where they witnessed our B2B matchmaking services and were impressed with the results. Based on our performance, JETRO enlisted the matchmaking services of AladdinB2B to target different clients and industries for Japanese businesses. They wanted exclusive meetings and custom matchmaking between different Japanese organizations hailing from different sectors. The goal was to ensure they were matched with prospective partners to maximize their global export and business expansion.
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The result: Boosting cross-cultural collaboration

Initially, Jetro commissioned AladdinB2B to provide a comprehensive online business matchmaking service for Japanese healthcare manufacturers seeking to expand their network with UAE distributors. The AladdinB2B team succeeded in introducing a tailored list of prospects to a large number of Japanese companies within the frame time requested by the client.

The next stage of the project took place during GITEX 2022, where our team prepared the ground to provide in-person meetings for Japanese technology startups and worldwide investors. With careful planning and execution, we were able to ensure that these meetings were productive and beneficial for all parties involved.

After yet another successful round of valuable B2B meetings and receiving positive feedback from the Japanese startups, we were thrilled to have gained the trust of Jetro and secured additional partnerships with them.

For the last year, Jetro continued endorsing more projects to us with new Japanese affiliate companies looking for introduction opportunities with foreign businesses.

We are proud to say that we have maintained our strong relationship with Jetro and we are committed to delivering exceptional results in securing high-level meetings that meet the specific search criteria of Japanese businesses.

"We partnered with Aladdin B2B for business matching to our exhibitors in GITEX North Star 2022; I could say we have maximized the benefit to the exhibitors with Aladdin's support to arrange one-to-one meetings with each of the requested business categories. We continue to frequently request Aladdin B2B for business development and meeting set-up on a case-by-case basis, they have been very accurate and persistent in reaching out to the targeted businesses. The team is qualified and organized despite the multiple requests assigned, it has been responded to efficiently. "
Ghada Ashraf,
The Assistant Research Director at JETRO
"Aladdin b2b provided a customized service for us, they had not only the technology, the context, the networking tools but also the personnel staffing to provide the service that we needed. "
Deep Kumar,
Managing Partner at HBG events
AladdinB2B’s CEO Alaa Ismail, was invited to participate in Dubai Active Startup Talks, a panel discussion where he shared his entrepreneurial experience as the founder of two successful companies. Alaa addressed the subject of how to survive and thrive as startup in the Middle East along with M Strategy Global’s Angel Investor Mandar Joshi, Nathan Kwon, the Senior Investment Professional at Shorooq Partners, Welltech Ventures CO-founder Amir Alroy, and MeFitPro CEO Greg Boucher.
AladdinB2B demonstrated its ability to compel startups within the health and fitness industry to reach their
fullest potential. And this was achieved through none other than The Drapper Aladdin Startup Challenge.
The DASC is a high-stakes competition that is sponsored by Draper Associates and AladdinB2B to engage with ideas that are pitched by startups. The ones with the most innovative idea get to take home the prize of up to $500,000.
Fitlov, with its innovative app which allows you to find a tailormade fitness program based on your needs, won the competition with their breath-taking pitch!
"We appreciate the stamp, the recognition that it means and I believe even if you look to other markets, not just the UAE we can benefit a lot from the network of Draper Aladdin"
Alberto Pardo,
Fitlov Founder & CEO