Potential Clients’ Delivery Is The Future Of B2B Delivery Service

Potential Clients’ Delivery Is The Future Of B2B Delivery Service

More than one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, it is safe to say that we are currently passing through a momentous period in history. We need to find out the effects of the pandemic on b2b delivery service and its solution.

The affairs of the world have been irrevocably changed, even if in minor ways and that extends even more so to industry, commerce, and businesses.

Businesses have shuttered, employees have been laid off, supply lines have been disrupted and overall global economic activity was heavily curtailed due to the pandemic.

In such circumstances, change is demanded from everyone whether they be the individual or a business so they can survive and move forward into the future instead of becoming a part of the history books. 

For B2B delivery services at least, that future lies in targeting and ensuring deliveries to potential clients.

Why potential clients?

The COVID-19 pandemic showed that for all the benefits the world’s interconnectedness offers, it was ill-equipped to deal with something which brought the entire process to a screeching halt.

B2B delivery services found themselves cut off from their regular clientele or saw their supply and delivery lines hampered due to restrictions on travel and transportation or saw their clientele dwindle.

Relying on a regular old clientele therefore cannot be the way forward. B2B delivery businesses should actively target and prioritize potential new clients to convert them into regular clients.

But what is a potential client? A potential client or a prospective client is defined as someone who not only can avail of your services but also the need or interest.

In other words, potential clients are a B2B delivery service’s target market and it should focus on continuously expanding and growing this segment.


Risk is spread out

A continuously increasing clientele means your delivery business’s risk will be spread out among a larger number of clients.

This means any disruptions will be less likely to significantly affect your B2B delivery service and you will still have a likely stream of active clients.

Increased revenue

An increase in actual clients from potential clients will lead to increased revenues for your B2B delivery service.

The more clients you have to service; the more money will flow into the business. The additional clients will also act as a buffer and protect against massive revenue reduction in case some clients no longer avail of your services.

Economies of scale

More clients, more orders, more deliveries will all mean that your B2B delivery service will achieve economies of scale.

With more orders and deliveries being sent out, the cost of your overheads and fixed costs will be spread out over a wider number of orders. This will bring your average costs down and coupled with the previously mentioned revenue increase, will lead to increased profitability.

Lead generation

A regular and old clientele will only lead so far to new lead generation and word-of-mouth advertising.

Grabbing potential clients and turning them into regular clients presents more opportunities for leads to be generated. They will disseminate information about your business in their social and business circles and spread the word to new and untapped market segments.

This will ensure that your pool of potential clients widens even more and you can attempt to convert them into regular clients, thus causing the cycle to repeat.

How to pursue potential clients?

Your B2B delivery business can pursue potential clients through various means. A multi-tier and multifaceted approach will ensure that more leads are generated from different sources and more clients are added.

Reviewing web analytics

Reviewing the traffic to your website or affiliated pages will allow you to get an idea of how many people and who visit your website and are interested in your services.

Modern analytics software can provide much more in-depth information about visitors and potential clients which can allow you to keenly hone in on areas of interest.

Competitor analysis

Of course, learning from your competitors never hurts anyone either. Learning from your competitors and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses is the quality of any successful business in the game for the long run.

Your B2B delivery service could learn how to successfully win over potential clients or even identify who those potential clients could be by looking at a competitor’s clientele.

Trade shows

Trade shows are the perfect mechanism and medium to scout for new potential clients and pitch the services of your B2B delivery business to a concentrated and more interested audience.

Even better, virtual trade shows can allow you to avoid the hassle of physical events while continuing to meet clients and advertise your business even during the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions.

Another advantage of virtual trade shows over on-ground affairs is that the schedule and meetings are decided in advance so your B2B delivery business can engage in pre-targeted networking with highly qualified B2B meetings with participants.

A properly organized virtual event will demonstrate confidence and increase buzz around your business on social media and business circles which could result in more leads and views.

Another advantage to virtual trade shows is the convenience, ease, and cost in organizing them is much less than a physical trade show. You don’t have to schedule a date and care for logistics and rent out a booth or worry about the myriad of other costs of a physical event.

Your business will be better placed to opt for a virtual event over a physical event during the current state of the economy.

Opt for the services of a professional

It is important that to make your virtual trade show a success, your business avails the services of a professional.

A professional B2B meeting service will likely have a vast database of business profiles so it will be able to better promote the event and attract more visitors for your virtual trade show, thus increasing lead generation.

With thousands of highly qualified B2B meetings arranged each year, AladdinB2B is the leading meeting and matchmaking technology. If you want to enhance networking and experience at your next show, we can help.

We have worked with giant trade shows, and most recently we were selected as the official service provider for Gitex 2020 – the biggest in-person trade show in 2020. We have arranged 4000+ meetings between exhibitors, startups, investors, and government delegations.

Let AladdinB2B take you on a magic carpet ride to your B2B delivery business’s future.

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